Good first quarter for Arizona, better 2nd for Atlanta. Rackers kicks off to Norwood, who gets out to the 27. Ryan hits Peelle at the 30.

Turner runs….and the ball’s knocked out by Dockett! Rolle picks it up and runs into the end zone, TOUCHDOWN, CARDINALS! That was quick, 27 yard return. Rackers, up and good (barely), and it’s 21-17, Arizona.

Let the good times Rolle! – SSR

Very punny. Norwood kneels on the kick, start at the 20. Turner had a wide open lane, but Arizona called time-out. He was gone if they hadn’t, but let’s guess that a TO called that early might bite them in the ass.

Turner gets brought down in the backfield again on first down. Ryan to White…but negated thanks to holding. An incomplete on a rush, and then a delay of game. Does not look good for Atlanta. Ryan throws it away on 3rd and 25, and the refs miss a hold in the end zone that would have been a safety. Breaston gets nailed on the punt before he could catch it — 15 more yards, and Arizona will start inside the Atlanta 40.

Edge rushes for several yards in his LDT visor. Warner goes for Fitzgerald, who tries to bring it in one handed, but is a couple feet short. Warner to Fitz, it’s incomplete, but man, that’s a PI flag if I ever saw one. Rackers tries to kick one from 51, but it’s wide left. Ken Whisenhunt ought to be fucking furious right now.

Turner gets to the 42. Roddy White brings in another catch, but for not much. 3rd down, and the O-line gets savaged. Incomplete, of course. Punt goes out of bounds at about the mid 20s. Edge gets eight on the next two carries, and Cris is agitating for Pat Tillman in the HOF. Warner to the TE, first down.

“Impressive yards after catch for James, and we did count the times he ran into his own offensive linemen.” – Cris, as Warner scampers to the 46 for a first down. James gets into Atlanta territory again for another first down. Tim Hightower gets a couple on the next carry. Warner hits the TE Urban, then checks down to James for another first down at the 25 of the Falcons. Hightower grabs five more to the 20. Warner smokes one into Breaston at the five yard line.

Warner, short pass to Hightower, in the end zone. Rackers point is up and good, 28-17.

Has anyone noticed how odd it is to have Clint Eastwood hunting down Asian gang members. It’s like Dirty Harry: The Retirement Years. Looks good though. Atlanta will start at the 20 after a touchback.

Ryan aims downfield for Roddy White….and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie makes an acrobatic interception to pick it off! He got UP THERE. Three and out, though. Punt downed inside the 15. Turner continues to get nothing from Berry and the D-line, Norwood doesn’t get much more as the 3rd quarter ends.

Ryan overthrows Jenkins on first down, and he’s unraveling. Punt again. Stop hitting yourself, Falcons! 15-yard face mask on the end of an Edge run gets inside Falcons territory. Dumb, dumb screen pass on first down to Arrignton, loses tons of yards. 3rdr and 11. Warner gets harried by the blitz and it’s incomplete. Falcons get called for a hold on the punt, giving Arizona ten more yards.


And they get Matt Ryan in the grasp….and IT’S A SAFETY!!! 30-17. Looks debatable, he held on to the ball too long and they called it as if he was in the grasp and about to go down, and the ref was grabbing Ryan’s crotch.

Cris: “He gave him a couple of bucking bronco rides, but the third and fourth was too much.” (via Mal)

James burrows for more yards and another first down. Warner out to the TE, about the 22. James gets stopped up in the backfield, there’s a flag, and they’re battling out of bounds. Holding on Arizona. Warner hits Fitzgerald, but he’s short of the first. Douglas takes the punt return out to the 41.

Ryan to Norwood for some serious yardage after the catch, going way deep into Cards’ territory. Ryan then goes to Peelle at the 20 — next pass to Jenkins, short of the first down. QB sneak for the first down. Offsides on the Cards. Toss to White for another first down, and it’s first and goal.

Ryan to White — in the flat, just walks into the end zone, kick is good. 30-24, Cards.

Lost transmission thanks to incompetence at the local station. And now they’re not broadcasting in HD. Warner aims for Breaston, who makes the catch and gets into Falcon territory at the 40. Hightower to the 43, and an ATL timeout. An end around to Breaston is broken up big time. And Warner just iced this game with a throw to Spach over the middle and to the 20.

Now they’re eating clock, and this game is over with another first down. Your final score will be 30-24, and I totally blew it on this call — where was this Arizona team all season? See you in a bit for the Colts and Chargers.

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