Because it really isn’t a Giants game live-blog if I don’t get Abby Manning in there somewhere, right?

Demps takes the kickoff out to the Eagles 47. McNabb to the Avant Garde for a two yard pass. McNabb’s pass is knocked down, and it’s in the hands of D-lineman Fred Robbins! He rumbles over to the Eagle 30 until Kevin Curtis brings him down.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen 300-lbs move like that before in my life. – JFein

Jacobs drags defenders with him inside the 20 for a first down. He then gets five more on the next carry. Screen to Ward is dropped, who was running before making the catch. The third down pass is behind Kevin Boss, and Carney will have to try for another FG. Kick is up and good, 11-10, Giants.

We’d like to advise Kevin Gilbride to stop being clever and run Brandon Jacobs until Philly proves it can stop him consistently. Right now, I understand why Buddy Ryan punched him in the mouth back in the day, and I’m sure some Giants fans would like to do the same.

Eagles start at the 25, McNabb’s pass is off the hands of Celek. After a hold, it’s 2nd and 20. Incomplete to Brian Westbrook, 3rd down. McNabb to Avant Garde, wide open, and Avant gets past the first down marker! Donny Mac has a gimme deep ball dropped by Curtis, but an illegal hands to the face penalty is called on the Giants (not much there, ticky-tack). Buckhalter catches a pass for a couple yards and gets nailed. James Butler stops Buckhalter in Giant territory on the run play.

Matt Damon! That’s who Myers looks like with that silly hat on! – Anon @ 3:04

Yup, straight out of Ocean’s Eleven. Pass incomplete to Avant. McNabb has all day — finds Buckhalter in the middle and gets a first down on a 3rd and 10. Up the gut with Westbrook for four more yards. Donny goes for Westbrook in the end zone and overthrows him. After another incomplete, Akers hits another FG. 13-11, Eagles.

No one apparently wants to win this game that badly. Bradshaw returns the kick to the 32 yard line.

McNabb could have pulled out a cell phone, call his mom, have her cook and bring him a can of Campbell’s Chunky Soup, eat said chunky soup, and still have time to complete that pass. – JFein

Rush for three yards to start. Jacobs gets two more to the left. Eli drops back and goes deep for Domenik Hixon — and they finally connect in Philly territory! Eli aims high for Hixon, incomplete. Jacobs goes for the right side and gets nothing. Carney on for a long try — and that’s no good from 47.

Westbrook again up the middle for five yards to start. 2nd down incomplete, McNabb got pressured by Barry Cofield. McNabb hits Curtis for eight yards on a five-stepper; great throw away from the coverage by Corey Webster. Webster breaks up the next one to Curtis, and Coach Sgt. Hartman is FURIOUS. Um….he was kinda going for the ball there, ref. A left hand on the left shoulder wasn’t enough….and they picked up the flag.

Now Andy Reid is angry too. The only time you see him show this much emotion is when he’s thinking Arby’s. (Cheap joke, I know.) Next play gets a face mask on Antonio Pierce, getting the Eagles another first down — and McNabb then hits Curtis at the Giants’ 13 for another 15. Celek for another five on the next pass play. Westbrook up the middle for 3 yards; 3rd and 1. Interesting that Reid’s going to a running game balance and using him up the middle. That’s not his usual play-calling trend.

Pitch left to Westbrook; he gets outside and the first — and starts first and goal at the three. McNabb drops back, easy flip to Celek in the left corner of the end zone, TOUCHDOWN, EAGLES! Akers’ kick is up and good, 20-11, Philly.

Who falls for this play? The tight end either runs this route or across the middle EVERY DAMN TIME. Anyway, G-men have the ball, and Jacobs rushes 11 yards to start it off. He bounces off the right and goes back left for five more yards. 3rd and short after Jacobs gets plugged up.

“That was an interesting play call by Kevin Gilbride there.” – Troy, being too diplomatic to say it sucked. Coughlin now has to challenge the spot.

Bill Simmons called this the year that Home field advantage died. Shouldn’t every Road dog win? Look out Steelers. – frankasu03

Giants Stadium is not exactly State of the Art. Wind still affects the hell out of everything and it’s creaky and ugly. If we’re going by those rules, home field ought to apply — and I can’t believe that Eli hasn’t figured out how to throw a tighter spiral in this place yet. No wonder they were so happy to go on the road and play all through last year’s playoffs.

And Coach Sgt. Hartman just gave away a time out. Eli on the QB sneak — and he didn’t get jack. Eagles’ ball!

Westbrook picks up three on the carry. Throw to Curtis, short on the play. 3rd and 5. Swing out to Westbrook, short by two yards. Good tackle by Webster. Rocca punts to Hixon, calls for the fair catch.

Gilbride is a moron. You have a 6’4″, 264 pound running back in Brandon Jacobs and you run a QB sneak on 4th and 1? Come on, dude. Derrick Ward gets a first down with 14 yards out to the 25. Another first down for Ward with a two yard carry. Jacobs picks up a yard. Juqua Parker stuffs the run on 3rd — and Coughlin’s gonna go for this one — has to.

A scary thought: Andy Reid is still making poor challenges and some bad play calls, but he must be transferring his crappy essence on the opposing sideline, too. First Brad Childress, now Kevin Gilbride is getting affected by the suck (although Gilbride has blown for years; one of the great mysteries is how the Giants won an SB with him calling plays.)

And Brandon Jacobs gets stuffed on 4th down. Measurement coming, but he looked short. Yep, turnover on downs.

McNabb airs it out for DeSean Jackson, who beats Corey Webster, and he’s down at the one, I think. Looked like his knee hit before he lost the ball, but he fell on it in the end zone anyway. Westbrook stopped on first and goal, and gets caught in mid-air on 2nd down; lost a yard. The Eagles, no matter what, are not a goal line rushing team, period. Play action, boyos.

Turfed and incomplete for Hank Baskett. Kendra isn’t happy. Akers on for 21-yard FG try….up and good, 23-11, Eagles. We can probably put this sucker on ice barring anything too stupid.

Manning to Toomer near midfield for a first. Buck talks about Plaxico Burress; I honestly don’t believe Plax would have made that much of a difference. I think Jim Johnson would have taken his chances with loading up the box if they saw Eli throwing in the wind like that the whole game….and Eli throws another pick, this one to Quinton Mykell.

McNabb scrambles for nine yards….and dear God, the NFC championship game’s gonna be in Glendale, Arizona. Jesus. Please tell me the Chargers aren’t going to win. I can’t deal with the possibility of a Bolts-Cards Super Bowl. McNabb gets an unsportsmanlike penalty for apparently picking up the phone on the Giants sideline. Neither Spags nor Gilbride are usually in the booth for them, so I wonder whom he was thanking for Eli sucking.

Hixon takes the Rocca punt back to the 20 yard line…and Eli nearly threw another pick. Two minute warning.

I said it once and I’ll say it again. Eli Manning was looking ahead… to the Oreo Double Stuff Racing League battle with the Williams sisters. – PricelessCommentary

Joe Buck’s outrage at Donny Mac’s phone call reminds me of his disgust at Randy Moss faux-mooning Green Bay: totally fake, manufactured, and utter bullshit. Another turnover on downs for the Giants, and we’re really just waiting for the kneel downs. Final score is 23-11, Philly, and the NFC championship game will be the Eagles visiting the Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals in the Pink Taco next Sunday.

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