I still think it’s a bad idea to joke about guns, but I have to say that Mike Patrick’s line, during the second quarter of the Cap One Bowl, cracked me the hell up. The Bulldogs were struggling to put together drives, and after a third down penalty, Mr. Britney Spears had this to say. Via Detroit Free Press’ live-blog of the game….

7:07: Michigan State’s defense looks as good as it has all season. A great showing on that last drive. Georgia managed only three yards on that possession. Between Stafford, Moreno, Green and Mohamed Massaquoi, Georgia should be doing a lot more on offense than they’ve shown thus far.

ABC’s Mike Patrick just said that Georgia, “is pulling a Plaxico (Burress), they just keep shooting themselves.” Don’t know if we’ll get a better quote all day. I wonder how long he has been preparing that one.

He’s obviously been planning that one for days, and the uncomfortable silence that followed probably didn’t make him feel too good, but it still got a spit take out of me. I can’t seem to find the video at the moment, so if anyone has it….please send it along and I’ll throw it up.

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