It’s been a few weeks since the news broke that ESPN would be taking over the BCS in a few years, and FOX has finally decided to comment on how everything went down. In an interview with Broadcasting & Cable, chairman of entertainment at Fox Broadcasting Peter Liguori, had some strong words for leagues and tournaments that think moving to ESPN is a good move….

Q: What was your reaction to losing the BCS?

PL: I think it’s something that the whole industry should be looking at. At some point, these leagues should be looking at what happens to their ratings when they go to ESPN. The fact that they’re promoted on a sports channel that is dedicated to rabid sports fans is ultimately not the best thing, in my opinion, for the leagues. When you have a broadcaster promoting your sport, you’re getting exposed to younger people, women. I think that’s something that’s good for your long-term health.

In a way, Liguori is right. Having a Championship game on broadcast television will always bring more ratings, but a cable network devoted to just Sports will certainly do the game more justice by having more knowledgeable analysts and announcers to do the game. It’s a tough choice to make, but with the economy the way it is and money being the driving force, it’s certainly an interesting angle to look at. I’m of the mindset that FOX had its chance and failed, but there’s nothing wrong in debating the move, is there?

Peter Liguori’s New Year Starts Now (Broadcasting & Cable)

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