I know ESPN sure is. They’re already through half of their two hour coverage that I wrote about last week and they’ve got all their Basketball minds on the scene for tonight’s star studded Lottery! Even Jay-Z will be there!!!

How great is it being Jay-Z? The man is not only a rap icon, music executive, and Mr. Beyonce, but he’s also an investor in the New Jersey Nets. So on top of his domination of the game, he gets ringside seats at the actual game, and, as it turns out, he also gets to represent the team at the NBA Draft Lottery.

Jay will be one of 14 team representatives at tomorrow’s lottery, which will be televised live on ESPN at 8pm, before Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Detroit Pistons.

Hova Hova! I just wish ESPN would have learned this sooner so Jay could have done the rap for their ESPN.com Mock Draft….


If anything exciting happens I’ll be sure to have videos up asap.

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