You’re going to probably notice a lot of these random posts now that we’re in the Post NBA Finals part of our Sports Calendar, but this one is definitely worth a spot here. I can’t stand those heated seats that some cars and trucks have and apparently David Beckham can’t either….

The Los Angeles Galaxy player was driving when the setting jammed on heat, forcing him to pull over and find something to cushion his scorched manhood. An onlooker told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “One minute he was tearing across Los Angeles, the next, he was rolling down his windows, panting and staring down at his crotch in horror.

“There were lots of fans and paparazzi following him, making it even more difficult for him to sort out his boiling bits. He was gutted to be caught cushioning his seat from the hot leather.”

Good lord that’s got to be painful. I’ve been telling friends who use those dumb seats for years that someone was going to die from them and now we almost had our first case involving one of the most famous athletes in the World. It’s just a matter of time.

David Beckham was left with red hot genitals because of a faulty car heater (Welt Online)

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