It’s well documented how I feel about the duo of Deion Sanders and Marshall Faulk calling a game in any capacity. When Dick Vermeil blew out his vocal cords two years ago, I almost lost my mind with them in the booth along side Bryant Gumbel. Since then Marshall Faulk has gotten much better in my opinion, but Sanders is still a self-promoting waste of airtime.

Well that leads us to this little item from the Chicago Tribune. The NFL Network isn’t just throwing those two together again, they’re adding someone new to the mix this preseason. Someone who actually might be able to handle the pair and make some sense of their meandering. I give you the newest play-by-play man for the NFL Network….Sterling Sharpe!

Former Green Bay Packers receiver Sterling Sharpe will try his hand at play-by-play.

An NFL analyst for 12 years, Sharpe will call the game for the NFL Network when Buffalo visits Indianapolis for a preseason game Sunday. It will be the first NFL game at the Colts’ new Lucas Oil Stadium.

Sharpe will be joined by analysts Marshall Faulk and Deion Sanders, with Adam Schefter reporting from the sidelines.

Don’t think for a second that I’m not watching this game. Sterling is just about everything that Deion Sanders isn’t as a broadcaster, so it will be interesting to see how the two work together. I still think Faulk can be good and if the Network would stop pairing him with Primetime at every opportunity, I think he’d flourish.

Good luck Sterling, and I give you permission to shut Deion’s mic off at any point during the broadcast. Trust me….he’ll never know.

Sterling Sharpe to do Bills-Colts play-by-play (Chicago Tribune)

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