Well Boston has done it again and I don’t know what to say. There’s not a single player on this team that you can hate (unless you’re a Lakers fan) and you couldn’t even really root against them (unless you’re Jemele Hill). Screw all the particulars and stats….the Celtics put up 131 points (131!) and KG is certifiable. Let’s get into the video….

Just a great way for arguably three of the best players to never win a title, to take solidify their greatness in the league. And oh yes…you’re certified KG…but who the hell cares? Be as crazy as you want to be tonight. Congrats again Boston and be careful tonight….there’s a full moon out there. Oh and what I said earlier about hating all of you…..you booed Stu Scott, so we’re cool!

Update: Here’s Garnett’s post game press conference complete with a question from Scoop Jackson!