The last magazine he was offered to be in, Playboy, Tim Tebow decided to decline the offer. Well he’s been asked by another publication and this time he decided to accept an invitation from fitness mag, Men’s Fitness. Via the Orlando Sentinel….

Men’s Fitness has had many athletes on its cover — our Tiger Woods, Reggie Bush and LaDainian Tomlinson to name a few — but this time they didn’t want to wait until Tebow turned pro as they have always done before.

“That young man is a physical specimen, but your readers must know that,” Johnson said. “He seems to embody what you want in a young athlete. So the story is not just for Gator fans but for everyone to get to know him.”

The magazine quotes Georgia Coach Mark Richt, who gets a really good look at Tebow one-too-many times per year: “He’s different from anybody I’ve seen. Some guys stand apart and they’re just different from everybody else.”

It’s always interesting to see how certain players prepare themselves for the “real world” of Sports PR and Marketing that comes after College. Tebow’s plan, however, has been a little different from past potential draft picks. He’s almost gone with a political approach to his “brand” and that is definitely going to pay off for him if the NFL doesn’t work out for the QB.

You should seriously expect to see him as a Congressman by the year 2025.

Fitness mag takes a closer look at the ‘physical specimen’ that is Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow (Orlando Sentinel)