So the Scripps National Spelling Bee is in full swing this morning and people are getting knocked out a feverous pace. Erin Andrews is on hand and Chris McKendry is doing her best to make analogies to Sports to make the viewing audience interested. She seriously compared the Dr. Jacques Bailly to a pitcher throwing a no-hitter after nine people in a row got the word wrong. Good stuff.

The current word is xerach, and I’m currently praying for some kid to pass out either at the mic or when EA interviews them. Until that happens please be trying your hands at spelling obscure NBA or MLB names!

1st Annual Ball Don’t Lie NBA Spelling Bee (Ball Don’t Lie)
Addition of MLB player names expected to wreak havoc at National Spelling Bee (The Sports Hernia)

It’s good to see Erin Andrews dressed in bee colors for the Spelling Bee….

Please to be spelling for me….Travis DIENER…..

Who knew that Travis was a laboratory assistant? Good times. Now if they fit in Krzyzewski I’ll be really impressed.

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