I really didn’t expect any different from him during the Cowboys-Giants game, and it was a convincing Giants win, but Troy Aikman seemed rather reserved in and almost pro-Giants during the game on FOX yesterday. Giants fans seem to agree with that sentiment as well. Via the NJ.com….

I’ve been trolling the Giants Forum this morning, looking for NJ.commers’ takes on Aikman during and after the game. After Aikman commented that a roughing penalty called on Giant DE Justin Tuck was a bad call, NJ.commer CaptSensible wrote:

“I’ve been looking for [aikman] anti-Giant bias. Can’t say I’ve heard any today.”

Later in the game, NJ.commer anjuma added:

“Troy being very complimentary”

4545ajd thought that Aikman perhaps was overcompensating Sunday after all the criticism he has received:

“Don’t think [Aikman] doesn’t know that his bias has been talked about all week long, He is making damn sure that no bias is shining through, at least for this game.”

Well there you have it. It was borderline overcompensating, but I think Boomer and the rest of the Football viewing public, actually got their point across. However, FOX does realize that with the Cowboys falling out of playoff contention that they need to find another dog in the fight to pimp the rest of the season. Plus, it’s virtually impossible to say anything bad about the Giants at this point. That team is just damn good from top to bottom.

Again, I think Troy is a great announcer, but he just gets caught up in the moment when it comes to the Cowboys. It can’t be easy when you gave eleven years and your brain to a team.

New York Giants fans, was Troy Aikman pro-Dallas during Sunday’s game? (NJ.com)

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