Tony Romo is ready to rock. Are you? The Cowboys head to Green Bay, where Aaron Rodgers will start from the get-go. Last year, he took over for Brett Favre when the Gunslinger got hurt in Dallas, and had a pretty good game.

Sadly for Rodgers, I’m picking the ‘Boys, 38-27. Who ya got?

(Apologies. I thought this game was in Dallas again. Why, I don’t know.)

Also, I’m putting Favre mentions at an over/under of 12. John just can’t help himself. Packers take the kickoff back to the 24 yard line.

Favre mention #1. Rodgers tosses low to Jones on the first pass. Ryan Grant bumrushes for 9, but then he fumbles, and Adam “Don’t Call Me Pac-Man” Jones recovers! Jones goes back to the Green Bay 14. Here comes the Cowboys’ O. Marion “The Truth” Barber rushes for 2. (Either AA or I were calling Barber “the Truth” before we were calling Paul Pierce that.)

Two straight throws to T.O. are incomplete, and here comes Nick Folk for a figgie try. Kick is good, 3-0, Cowboys.

Could have been worse, GB fans.

Will Blackmon takes this kickoff bad to the 26. Greg Jennings grabs some major yards after the catch on a short slant pass, he heads out of bounds at midfield. Ryan Grant gets 6 after the injury time out. Grant gets the first down on the next carry. Now, we have 3rd and 4 at the Dallas 29 as the Cowboys call time. Rodgers hits Jennings again, ball down at the 11.

Did Al not get the memo that Adam Jones doesn’t want media people calling him Pac-man any more? 3rd and 6 at the 7, Rodgers scrambles, but can’t find anywhere to go and Anthony Henry gets a sack.

Mason Crosby’s 36 yard FG attempt is good, 3-3 tie.

Do you think Madden will make more Favre references or Kournheiser refer to Rodgers more tomorrow night for the Jets-Chargers game? – Anon

Madden will make more Favre references. Tony K will be too busy talking about Favre to mention Aaron Rodgers more than two or three times. Favre Reference #2, with a jersey shot. Felix Jones takes the ball up to the Dallas 19. Barber gets 2 yards, then picks up the first with another 10 — as John notes, T.O. got a good block on Charles Woodson. Romo’s throw to Patrick Crayton is dropped, and Al Harris is on the ground — another injury time out.

Barber heads up to the 36 on the next carry. Witten makes his first catch of the night, and it’s very close to a first down at the 49. Barber gets across midfield and picks up the first.

Oh, that would have been lovely if it had worked. Romo hands off the end-around to Patrick Crayton, who hurls one into the end zone for T.O., who is double covered — but he had an OK shot at that. Not saying that was an automatic bring it in, but still. Barber breaks a bunch of tackles, gaining 20+ at the Green Bay 20.

Just seeing a Cowboy player getting smacked makes me feel warm. – SSReporters

Romo throws over Witten on 2nd down, but gets him at the 11 for a first down on the next play. Next play drives the Boys back to the 16, as the play fake doesn’t work and Romo gets sacked by Aaron Kampman. Al Harris makes a nice open-field tackle on Barber to hold him to a yard. Romo throws it….and he’s PICKED IN THE END ZONE! Nick Collins goes all the way out to the Dallas 43 and T.O. tackles him.

The first quarter ends with Rodgers recovering his own fumble.

Surprised that the Cowboys drafted Felix Jones ? He was only part of one of better RB tandems in college football the past couple years. – JG

I suppose that statement by Al comes from the sense that everyone thought Jerry Jones would trade up to get Darren McFadden instead. Jennings catches it, gets to about the Dallas 40. Rodgers tosses a jump pass to Jennings while avoiding the sack…and dare I say, that was Favre-like. First down at the 25. Favre Count: 3. 3rd and 4 is incomplete to James Jones, and Crosby will come out again.

Figgie try is up….and good, 6-3, Pack.

“That’s a good area to have bookends, your tackles and your corners and the Packers have good bookends at those positions.” – JM

WTF? What other position could be considered a “bookend”? – Lucas

I swear, John’s lunacy doesn’t even faze me any more.

OK, that 2nd down play was a little wonky. Romo’s getting sacked, Barber catches the throw, but gets hit and it’s knocked in the air, and Tony Curtis comes up with it. Barber takes the next carry out to midfield. Cullen Jenkins pounds Romo to the ground on 3rd down, and we’ll get a punt, which Mat McBriar shanks. GB gets it at its own 29.

Who isn’t in that Diet Pepsi Max ad? So that’s what Chris Kattan’s been up to these days.

Good job on Rodgers for making Greg Ellis whiff on the scak, but the completion is coming back on a holding call. The 3rd down pass to Jennings is short, and it’s punt time.

“Four flags, one hat, and a bean bag.” – AM, after the punt return with two calls for blocking in the back on the Cowboys.

S2N can’t catch a break, 3 weeks in a row of absolutely crap games. – SSReporters

Dude, I’m falling asleep here. Someone throw deep. I’m dying for the flex weeks to start. Barber barrels for a first down.

“Barber bangs his way through.” – Al (via SSReporters)

And Felix Jones goes scampering down the sideline for 60 yards and the TOUCHDOWN! What was that I was asking for about excitement? Kick is good, 10-6, Dallas.

I had an instant SouthPark flashback when Madden said Jones’ td was a scissor play.

“Know what the Dallas Cowboys call him? The oldest lookin’ rookie in the history of the NFL.” – John
“Kinda like LeBron James…he came in and he looked like he was in his eighth year in the league.” – Al

Greg Oden wants you whippersnappers up there to pay him some mind.

“DeMarcus Ware chasing you will make you throw ducks.” – John, after a weak 3rd down through by Rodgers.

Adam Jones receives the punt, doesn’t get much, and the Cowboys will have another chance to score before halftime. Barber catches the short pass from Romo, then gets whacked on the rush. Witten comes up with the pass at the 23 of Green Bay.

“If you give Tony Romo that kind of time with those receivers, he’s gonna eat you up.” – John

With Fava beans and a nice Chianti, say?

That “NFL Stories” ad with the Chiefs groundskeeper is a bit off. I thought the stinky things he’d be chasing off the field would be the players themselves, not skunks. Romo hits Curtis at the 13, Barber picks up the first down with a carry at the 12. Romo hits Barber at the 5, with about 30 seconds left on the clock.

Romo then manages to fumble it once again after faking on the play action and holding it too long. Why did I start this moron instead of Philip Rivers tomorrow night?

I have a question. Why is the TE always referred to as being owned by the QB? It’s always “his tight end”, but you never hear it for any other position.

As a former TE my sophomore year in high school, I demand equality. – Jesse

You played in high school. You know the hierarchy. The QB owns everyone else.

Folk hits the FG, 13-6, Dallas. Kick off returned by Will Blackmon to the 27 with the half ending at the same score.

See you in the 2nd half thread.

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