Bill Simmons is in the midst of one of his marathon chats and he’s already gotten out two pretty memorable and hilarious lines. The first was when someone finally got a question in about his relationship with ESPN….

Stephen (Nashville, TN): So you do a chat about the Finals, but you refuse to answer any question too probing because it “steps on the preview column.” Is this whole thing just a show so we know you and ESPN are still cool?

SportsNation Bill Simmons: (12:25 PM ET ) I am no longer sleeping on the living room coach. Altrhough [sic] we’re still not having sex.

Hilarious, but it’s not as good as getting the word c**kblock through the defense!

Brian, Boston, MA: Forget the Finals for a minute! They are not on until Thursday night. Give me your breakdown of Gus doing the play-by-play during Saturday’s MMA fights. How many times did he say “cut kick?”

Bill Simmons: (12:34 PM ET ) Obviously I was in heaven with GuJo announcing an MMA event, I have been pining for this for years (either MMA, boxing, wrestling or the Real World/Road Rules Challenge for Gus).

Bill Simmons: (12:35 PM ET ) The prob was that they stuck him with Frank Shamrock (who was fine) but also this crazed Canadian guy who was the third guy in the booth, sounded like an SNL sketch and seemed determined to jump in and keep talking every time something exciting happened just so Gus wouldn’t be able to be the one who got excited. It was the first ever broadcast c**kblock. We need to kidnap this guy and keep him away from Gus. I mean it.

Too funny. The guy continues to amaze me with what he gets away with, but that’s the leeway you get when you’re the .com’s biggest draw. Good times.

(Thanks to Mez for the tip)

Chat with Bill Simmons (ESPN)

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