I had heard a rumor about this last week but it was confirmed late last night and made official today, but Scott Van Pelt is getting the open hour voided by Stephen A. Smith on ESPN Radio. Van Pelt will also be the full-time co-host fro the Mike Tirico Show and starting May 1st the show will be called the “Tirico and Van Pelt Show”.

“Clearly some execs made a decision that will ultimately cost them their jobs,” Van Pelt said of his more prominent role with ESPN Radio. “Before that inevitable end, I look forward to all the opportunities this presents to work with people I respect and enjoy. The solo hour will likely advance the level of discourse to a place never before heard in human history.”

Tirico said, “I am thrilled to have a friend like Scott as a regular partner, and I look forward to the trouble he will cause on his own in the third hour.”

With those changes also comes more departures as Herbie and Michele Tafoya will no longer be a part of The MTS and will more than likely be back on Football coverage for the Summer. In all honesty this is a great decision and I think an hour with all that Scott Van Pelt has going is probably perfect for him and the listening audience.

When I figure out more details I’ll be sure to pass them along, but for now look for it in the 3-4pm slot following The Mike Tirico Show.

Tirico & Van Pelt debuts May 1 (ESPN.com)