The Beijing Olympics are obviously not new to controversy, but this wrinkle is by far the most humorous. China had promised that there would be no Internet censorship during the Games, but you can already throw that out the window. Via MDS at Fanhouse….

Journalists in China to cover the Olympics are unable to conduct the research necessary to do their jobs properly because China is blocking access to web sites that contain information about China’s human-rights policies. This violates a promise that China made to give Olympic visitors open access to the Internet.

Well that’s no surprise right? Well some of the websites they are blocking are. According to the Rocky Mountain News, none other than Fire Joe Morgan is one of those not accessible to reporters and the like….

Daniel Oshinsky of the Rocky Mountain News reports from Beijing that FJM is inaccessible in China.

I find this to be excellent.

What’s the matter, China? Can’t handle EqA? Big fans of bunting over there? Love Livan Hernandez, hate Johan Santana?

We will not stop blogging until every Chinese citizen has the right to read curse-filled nonsense about Dusty Baker. And that is a kind-of promise!

Awesome. I wonder if it’s because of the word “fire” in the title, but then again I’m not sure if FJM went on a recent run of anti-Hu Jintao articles (I heard he was a scrappy ball player). Someone over there let me know if AA is on the list. I’d be honored.

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