I really thought long and hard about doing a live-blog and I just couldn’t bring myself to do one. I’m going to be yelling and screaming all game long but I’ll add your comments and Announcer quotes below the WWWWWH below.

Enjoy the game and S2N will be here later to give you your traditional live-blog for the Jags-Steelers.

Who: Redskins-Seahawks
What: NFC Wildcard Game #1
When: NBC 4:30pm
Where: Seattle
Why: You play to win the game!
How: Clinton Portis in the Laboratory with Spanky Janky
Spread: Seahawks -3.5
Weather: 42 Degrees, Cloudy and Winds 20-30 mph

“I thought you had a big head in person.”- Tiki Barber to Chris Collinsworth

Jamie Moyer to raise the 12 flag? What, was Shawm Kemp busy? (Via Mal)

That thing is all tangled up too.

Ah, Tom Hammond. When will the NFL Network wake up? The NFL needs to give Gumbel, Kornheiser, & Emmitt mountain bikes a la The Simpsons — then we can move forward. (Via Anon)

Ha….good pull.

Oooh Nirvana. They’re breaking out all the Grunge. Seriously….first Pearl Jam now Teen Spirit. If they play Spoonman drink 10.

“Don’t you have to wonder what Todd Collins’ Mom is doing right now?”- Cris Collinsworth

“Clinton Portis has a way of getting small” – Cris Collinsworth (Via Mal)

“When that guy’s coming in their face…..it’s a whole different story for a Quarterback.”- Cris Collinsworth

“He’s finger lobbying.”- Cris Collinsworth (Via Mal)

So that’s what the kids are calling it these days.

“He’s a business partner of Dan Snyder’s, hoping it’s not a Mission: Impossible for the Redskins.” – Tom Hammond on Tom Cruise being at the game (Via S2N)

“Patrick Kerney sucking up some oxygen, but he’s been sucking up some Quarterbacks today.”- Cris Collinsworth

Okay folks I’m out of here to drink away my sorrows. Hang around for S2N’s live-blog of the late game and stay safe tonight.

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