I love when New York and Boston go at it. It’s gotten a bit stale in Baseball, but a resurgence of the war late in the Football season is picking up the slack. For the past week or so two of the biggest publications in their respective cities have been taking veiled shots at each other. That was until today.

The New York papers (or tabloids) have been taking shots at Boston’s Golden boy, and the Herald has had enough!

Jessica Heslam (Boston Herald): “Who’s afraid of Tom Brady now?” shouted the larger-than-life headline, next to the photo of Brady, who is suffering from a mild high ankle sprain. Even worse was the type below: “Girlie man limps home.”

Girlie man? Hardly. Jealousy is an ugly emotion. Brady’s got three Super Bowl rings, an undefeated season and a Brazilian bombshell who once dated Leonardo DiCaprio on his arm. No one should question his masculinity. No one!

Brady was on his way back to Boston last night. The Big Apple tabs may be having fun now, but we’ll see what they have to say after Super Bowl Sunday.”

Steve Buckley (Boston Herald): “Boston sports fans just don’t give a damn what New Yorkers think any more. Sorry, New York, but Boston sports fans have too much going on to pay attention to whatever it is you happen to be whining about this week, last week or next week. And while this may read as though it were cleared first with the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau, it’s not hometown boosterism.

It’s fact.”

Nice return of service Boston Herald. Now we need the Times to bring up the Globe’s Ron Borges and we’ve got WWIII!

New York tabs turn ugly on ‘girlie’ man-about-town Brady (Boston Herald)
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