Who: L.A. Lakers at Boston Celtics
What: Game Two the NBA Finals
Where: TD Banknorth Garden- Boston, Massachusetts
When: 9pm (ABC)
Why: So ABC can play songs from every band from Boston ever and/or for the NBA Championship
Spread: Celtics -2, O/U 192 (Series Price: Lakers -175, Celtics +155)

So Bill Russell was just on and ABC showed a piece on Kobe walking around Boston. Both segments were special. They’ve won 14 combined titles so I’m not going to make fun of them here. Mike Breen has the goatee shaved off and I was told last week that the band-aid had to do with a section of skin Cancer he had removed, so I hope everything is okay there. Things get underway in 10 minutes or so, I hope at least some of you are around this fine Sunday evening.

Was that Russell laughing or one of the ESPN guys? It was way overdone whoever it was. (Via Anon)

Yeah that maniacal chuckle seemed to be coming from Bill himself, but that whole segment was terribly awkward. I’m on board as saying I love this intro, but the fact that Larry Johnson is in it makes me chuckle.

It was one of the ESPN guys. It sounded like Jon Barry. (The Fourth)

Why hating on bands from Boston? Don’t you want to hear More Than A Feeling or Shipping Up To Boston again? Well, don’t you? Via Steve)

No Steven….no I don’t. Hi Michele! Ever since Kevin Garnett commented on her pink shirt she hasn’t switched the color. I think someone has a crush! Here we go….

Boston wins the tip and Perkins picks up a foul in the first 10 seconds. Good start. Odom makes a nice cut and gets an easy two. Perkins gets an offensive board on the other end and the injured Paul Pierce hits a three. Bryant misses again and Pierce is fouled on the floor.

Kobe finally hits and the Lakers go up three, but Perkins hits a nice fadeaway to cut it to one. Pierce and one as he’s looking to get to the basket early.

“He’s gotten to the basket three times already.”- Jeff Van Gundy

Thanks Jeff.

“Gasol tips it out and he says give me a bounce pass.”- Mike Breen
“I’ve been there, you tell the big guy give me a catch.”- Mark Jackson

L.A.’s offense is looking good early and Gasol is playing well early which helps them. A tech is called on Garnett after he argued an offensive foul called against him. Seven point lead for the Lakers. Bryant misses another shot and Ray Allen takes it to the basket for two. Timeout with 5:07 to go in the first….

15-12 Lakers

“Get in my poster!”- Mark Jackson

Come on Mark….you used that for the Garnett dunk the other night. Let’s try something new oh and also……GIVE ME SOMETHING BIG, WITHA BUNCH OF MEAT!!! I hate that damn commercial.

The trio is talking about the Paul Pierce injury while Garnett completes a nice two down low. Fisher picks up a foul on yet another Pierce drive and Allen nails a three. Tie game.

“I don’t think any athlete is that smart…”- Mark Jackson (Via Dan)

Yeah that was an odd comment about Pierce’s injury. Would seem pretty easy to do if you planned it out ahead of time. Allen misses a free throw but hits the second to cut the Laker lead to one. Kobe picks up his second foul after elbowing Allen and he’s gonna sit for a bit I presume…..

1:50 left…..19-18 Los Angeles

Interesting fact: Phil Jackson’s Finals record is 9-1 in Game 2s. (Via Anon)

Yes, very interesting and those two foul calls Kobe were definitely questionable. Garnett hits another jumper and Boston finally gets the lead.

“This is why we need a seventh foul or no fouling out at all. Why should two questionable foul calls change the entire game?”- Jeff Van Gundy

And now JVG and Mark Jackson will argue for twenty minutes. I don’t care either way but whatever makes the refs stop calling fouls in this game is alright by me. Powe misses a pair of throws and Farmar nails a three to put the Lakers back up. That’s the end of the first…..

22-20 Lakers

Yeah. No such thing as yellow and red cards. Putz. (Via Ed)

Good point Ed….or penalties in Hockey. They don’t change the game at all.

Oh Jeff, with your no foulout rule and that comment, you are still a bitter, bitter fired coach. (Via Steve)

JVG needs to calm down, but the calls have been pretty lame today. (Via The Fourth)

Agreed and he also needs to BEND THE BULLET!

Notice how Breen completely lost track of the game clock at the end of the first quarter? He seemed surprised that the shot was coming at the buzzer. (Via Anon)

Good point and it’s Cassell Mania time! Jumpers, Jumpers, and Turnovers!!! Our human interest piece hits two free throws and we’re tied again.

“That’s how he punished Cassell in Game 1.”- Mark Jackson

Cassell gets punished by simple dribbling… and we get punished by having to watch Cassell play. (Via Zak)

Leon Powe is playing out of his mind right now. Eight free throws?! That’s what Paul Pierce should have now. He hits both and Boston is suddenly up five….Make that eight! Pierce nails a three….timeout Lakers.

30-22 Boston with 9:40 left in the half

Van Gundy wants to increase the PF max to 7, to avoid questionable calls putting stars on the bench. That’s a treatment, not a cure. How about improving the quality of the officiating? We’re supposed to change rules to compensate for arrogant, over-reaching refs? (Via Peter Brown)

I think we need Evil Goatee Wearing Mike Breen back to keep JVG in his place. (Via Anon)

Seriously. He’s out of his mind tonight and he and Mark Jackson are going at it again regarding who the best offensive Celtics are/were. This is getting old. Kobe hits a jumper but loses the grip on another.

HAHAHAHAHAHA Bob Ryan says Pierce is more explosive than Bird, McHale, and every other Celtic in the history of semi-Irish basketball… this IS a laughing matter, right? (Via Zak)

Yeah I dunno about that one. Pierce is one of the Top Five, but I wouldn’t say he’s the best. Everyone on that team in the 80s could put up 20 a game if they wanted to. And right now Leon Powe is making a case for himself with another score and one.

“Another pass by Cassell – wow!”- Mike Breen
“That’s like two already!”- Jeff Van Gundy
(Via Dan)

Hahaha. Now that’s funny. And Cassell bricks a three right on cue! Thanks Sam!!! Lead is six for the Celtics and Kobe Bryant is going gunning now. Perkins with the and one and Gasol is hurt. Quick Pau…go to the locker room for 2 minutes and run back out!

40-32 Boston under six minutes to go in the half

You know what I was just thinking? I wonder what all of the people in the U.S. who had no idea Basketball was on tonight are feeling right now as they realize Extreme Home Makeover isn’t/wasn’t on.

Sam Cassell must be the Mole. (Via Anon)

Hahahaha. That’s a winner right there.

I think the refs called a foul on the Lakers as Leon Powe went to the bench. (Via Steve)

Yeah there’s a bit of a disparity isn’t there? Kobe misses again and he’s just off. Perkins picks up another foul on an over the back…..foul score now 15-8 Lakers. Gasol gets to the line with a nice move and is fouled. Mark Jackson and JVG actually talk about the game and I’m stunned….only a four point lead now.

Mark Jackson should really stick to basketball. (Via Ethan)

Ha seriously. He wasn’t bad in Game One, but he and Van Gundy are waaaaay over the top tonight. Pierce nails a deep three and the Celts go up seven and Allen follows with one of his own. 10 point lead and a Lakers timeout. Rondo hit Gasol pretty hard there between the shots and yet another no call. MOOOOORE THAN A FEEEEEELING!

Radmonovic hits a three but Kobe picks up his third foul at the other end. He’s not arguing this time as he ran over Paul Pierce on a screen. Pierce hits both and Kobe sits. 1:30 to go….

Gasol owns PJ Brown down low for two, but Pierce counters with a tough jumper. Rondo decides to show up to the game and gets a block and dunk.

“Rondo with the block, Garnett with the release, Touchdown Celtics!”- Mike Breen

Great call. I enjoyed that one Mike. Rondo gets to the line again and hits one. The lead is twelve and the Lakers get the last shot. No good. That’s your half…

Score: 54-42 Celtics
Fouls: 17-10 Lakers

Stern’s going to have to spend halftime telling the refs how to call a game fairly. I’d like to see him suit up and ref a game. (Via ifiok2567)

“Did he (Pierce) just call her (Tafoya) baby?” – Mike Breen (Via Steve)

And we’re back! Second half is underway and the lead is up to 14 now after a Ray Allen jumper.

I don’t know… it’s been a pretty one sided officiating game… but not the worst. Nobody on the bench has been thrown out for laughing yet. That’s pretty much the benchmark, right? (Via Anon)

Definitely. Hey a Kurt Rambis sighting! I miss the glasses.

“You can’t get the Magic Man eating popcorn. Come on cameraman you’re better than that!”- Mark Jackson

Bryant puts in two after a spin and immediately picks up a technical for arguing the no call. Maybe that will wake the refs up. Pierce hits a three and the lead is now sixteen. This one is getting out of hand. And Garnett gets fouled down low and this reffing situation is just completely out of hand. Lamar Odom might have to choke a ref.

Verne Troyer…Justin Timberlake…I smell Academy Award for The Love Guru! (Via Steve)

Me too. PJ Brown and Lamar Odom get into it a bit and the Lakers decide to try and press. Rondo gets nailed on a dunk attempt by Odom and I think that’s the first right call on the Lakers today. Rondo misses the first but hits the second. 15 point lead.

Now that was a terrible call on Rondo. Make up time and Lamar Odom is getting more and more crazy as this game goes on. Kobe is heating up after that nice bankshot earlier. He’s got 8 this half. Rondo misses and Gasol hits one on the other end. Here come the Lakers.

68-59 Celtics, 4:29 left

The sheer fact that Radmonovic is guarded Pierce right now should make the Lakers lose this game. The lead is thirteen and Pierce has 23. Kobe airballs a shot and PJ Brown hits a nice layup on the other end. Kobe misses a three, but Farmar gets it and misses. Hahahahaha Odom spikes the ball into PJ Brown out of bounds while he’s laying on the ground.

Great three by Allen and then Rondo hits Powe for an oop on the break. The lead is 20.


Him playing in a suit would be hilarious. Odom picks up an offensive foul and that’s five on him. The Machine turns it over and Powe jams home another two! Good lord he’s playing like a madman.

OH MY GOODNESS! What a fake and pass by Rondo to Powe for the dunk!!! That’s your quarter….

83-61 Celtics

“Take em to the streets Rondo!”- Mark Jackson

Farmar starts off the 4th with a three and that should help them get back on track. POWE AGAIN! On the drive this time. Rondo falls down as he shoot but PJ Brown gets the board. They can do no wrong tonight.

Farmar hits another three after a couple of baskets were traded and the lead is 18. Powe gets an offensive rebound and Garnett hits a J. Rondo has 15 assists. Wow.

Anyone else notice the much more distinguished half court line? (Playoff Beard)

Great catch! It was completely missing during Game One and the backcourt calls were tough to make. Lead is 23 and the Lakers should just pack it in at this point. Kobe misses an oop and stares down the refs on the way back up the court.

“Dr. J, wherever you are listening I apologize for my partner Mark Jackson making the statement that Leon Powe reminds him of you in a dunk contest. That could be the most embarrassing statement uttered on the ABC airwaves.”- Jeff Van Gundy

“So many reality shows, so little time.”- Jeff Van Gundy

Here he goes. 99-86 with under three to go. Kobe nails a three and don’t look now but this one isn’t quite over yet. 11 point lead. After the timeout Bryant hits a jumped to cut it to two. Pierce answers on the other end and Kobe hits another one. Nine point game 1:30 left.

Machine hits three! 104-98 with 1:22 left. Unbelievable. Radmonovic steals it and dunks it home!!!!! 4 point game. Timeout Boston.

Ronodo misses! Rebound to Kobe and he’s fouled by Pierce and Bryant to the line to cut it to two. He hits both. Pierce has it up top and he drives….fouled. 22.8 left and PP is going to the line. He hits the first, and the second! 4 point game…timeout Lakers.

Machine for three! Blocked by Pierce!!! And Posey is fouled on the board. First is good….second is good. Fisher misses a three and that’ll do it. Everyone can breath in Boston now.

108-102 Celtics and they lead 2-0.

“A wild finish at the Staples Center” – Mike Breen

Hahahaha. Way to end it.

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