Another Monday…..another live-blog. Tonight we get a seemingly explosive matchup between two NFC teams that are looking for their first signature win of the season. The Vikings need a win badly and beating the Saints in N.O. would be huge. The Saints need to hold serve to keep up with the other teams in the NFC South. It should be a good one…..see you around 8:15pm or so.

“I look for Adrian Peterson to either bust open this defense, wide open, for a big 200 yard day, or the Saints are really going to slow him down.”- Emmitt Smith

Way to go out on a limb there Emmitt. Here’s my prediction for the night….either the Vikings will win….or they won’t.

“You look at the Washington Redskins. They haven’t turned the ball over….on offense….yet this year.”- Keyshawn Johnson

As opposed to the elusive, defensive turnover? Ooooh we get that new Kanye song as our bumper music tonight. Interesting.

Bryant McKinnie being back + the Saints rotten defense = Vikings start their winning streak (Via GMoney)

I may be one of the few that sees this game going lobsided for New Orleans. Brees and the Saints will get off to a big lead early and the Vikes won’t be able to keep up in a shoot out. (J Fein)

Uh oh, we’ve got some dissension in our ranks. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this Adrian Peterson “Unmasked” thing about eight times now. It’s not bad, but you can only hear about someone’s “Diesel” tattoo so many times.

“Diesel fuel is expensive, but that’s worth it.”- Chris Berman

“Heath Shuler is a congressman and Gus Frerotte is still playing Football! It’s phenomenal!!!”- Tony Kornheiser

“Very few want to come back inside and take that blow.”- Emmitt Smith

And that came from a former Cowboy…..I kid. Looks like the Rays have their Series wrapped up, so that’s exciting. Griffey up, Griffey down, and complete with sweatshirts on….the Rays celebrate their first postseason series win in franchise history! Onto the ALCS for Tampa Bay.

“When we come back we will pick the game. Who will be jazzed tonight in Nawlins?”- Chris Berman


Ditka- Vikings
Key- Saints
Cris- Saints
TJ- Saints
Boomer- Saints
Steve- Saints
Emmitt- Saints
Stuart- Saints

“Maybe he should have dated supermodels?”- Tony Kornheiser after comparing Drew Brees to Brady and Manning

Pretty sure that means the Vikings will win. Kickoff coming shortly and whoa Drew Brees is a pretty good motivator before the game. His whole “THIS IS NEW ORLEANS” thing gave me goosebumps.

Was I the only one disturbed by the dancing of those production guys? Um…party time is generally after the game… (Via JFein)

Haha….that was special.

“That was great video of Drew Brees hyping up his team. It looked like he went to Ray Lewis Summercamp.”- Tony Kornheiser

8:41- Kind of funny. Saints ball first and a huuuuuge hole for Pierre Thomas and he’s into Minnesota territory on the kickoff. Great start. A reverse to Devery Henderson picks up seven on first down and Brees hits Bush for a first down.

“He could find you and me if he had to.”- Tony Kornheiser to Jaws

He’s probably right. Brees to Miller for six, Deuce up the middle for five and it’s 3rd and one….Brees runs it and slides for the first. Incomplete though on first and second down and it’s 3rd and 10 for the Saints….

“There’s a rule that pertains to foot tangling?”- Tony Kornheiser
“No footsies.”- Mike Tirico

Brees to Henderson. And it’s six just like that for the Saints and boy was that easy.

7-0 New Orleans

When Tony says “you just can’t overstate this” that means he will overstate it all night long. (Via Mal)

The Vikings: I’m so excited! I’m so…so scared. (Via SS Reporters)

Never gets old. Time to see if Frerotte is Fr’real and Tirico and Tony freak out about a lady sticking her hand into the mouth of a gator. Vikes ball at their own 33.

“She is about to perform animal dentistry and take the wisdom tooth out of the crocodile”- Tony Kornheier (Via Esse Quam Videri)

8:53- Peterson up the middle for two. Gus then hits Shiancoe over the middle for a first down. Good time there….McKinnie already helping out. Play action, and Berrian makes a nice grab and goes into Saints’ territory. 1st down….

Incomplete on first down, Peterson for three on second down and it’ll be third and six…..incomplete. Vikings to punt. Into the endzone and a touchback.

8:59- BREES TO HENDERSON! And that’s a quick 50 yards to start a drive. All the way to the Vikings’ 28. Brees tries Henderson again….incomplete. Reggie Bush off tackle for about nine and it’ll be third and short….Bush outside and he’ll get the first….flag….holding. Great run though by Bush. It’ll be third and 11 after a Saints’ timeout.

With all the gushing over Brees, can a Favre comparison be far away? (Via Mal)

Tony will do one out of spite.

“There are quarterbacks who can’t do that against air”- Ron Jaworski talking about Drew’s 30+ yards 72.7% completion average (Via Esse Quam Videri)

Interesting choice of words there. 3rd and 11….Brees with the pump and go to Meachem….he drops it. FG attempt for Gramatica….

BLOCKED! Wow….and Antoine Winfield is going to take it to the house. How about that for a change of momentum….


“So far what we’ve seen from Reggie Bush is warning track power. At USC he was a home run hitter all the time. If he does that in the pros, he is a star of stars”- Tony Kornheiser

AA – Can we just save time typing and put Tony’s comments from the game transcript on line, call it absurd and avoid carpal tunnel. (Via Mal)

I would love to be able to buy a transcript from ESPN each week. That would be fun to read through.

9:09- Thomas again to the 50 on the kickoff!

“Penetrate and get the arms up!”- Ron Jaworski

Sure thing Ronnie! Brees to Campbell for nine and then back to him again for the first. It’s a tight end party as Billy Miller grabs a screen….how many TEs do the Saints have? 2nd and 3….Bush goes for 17. First down at the Vikes’ 16.

Incomplete to Moore on first and Winfield nails Stecker on a second down screen for no gain. Third and long….Brees to Moore! Knocked away by Gordon!!! Great D there….Gramatica again….

Good! 10-7 Saints…three minutes to go.

ONSIDE KICK ATTEMPT! Vikings keep it. Wow that was tricky.

“This could be three or seven.”- Tony Kornheiser on a FG attempt (Via 49er16)

Or two with a safety, Tony.

9:17- Vikings ball at the Saints’ 40. A holding penalty on first down will put that at the 35, and Tony is giving us the Gus Frerotte “running into the wall” recap. I still laugh everytime I see it.

Peterson goes nowhere and the Saints D actually looks pretty good so far. That can’t last. 3rd and 11….timeout Saints. Incomplete pass and Longwell will attempt a 53 yarder….

Nails it! We’re back to even….10-10.

9:23- Vikings ball at their own 19 and Reggie Bush picks up three on first down.

Anyone else notice Tony is awfully easy with the “love” word. If MNF were Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and the word of the day was “love” there would be crazy shit going on every five minutes. (Via Esse Quam Videri)

Hahahaha….Chairry’s arm rests would be flailing all over the place.

That’s the end of the first….10-10.

“That’s 5,000 pounds of Williams’ on the front line” – Tony Kornheiser (Via SS)

And what a way to start the second! Winfield just grabs the ball away from Drew Brees and it’ll be Vikings’ ball! Brees is shaking his hand a bit. Wow. Another momentum swing. 1st and goal from the five….

Eddie Gunz actually let the play go this time!!! (Via JFein)

Chester Taylor loses yards on a draw. Horrible play call there.

“Well under the average inside the redzone.”- Ron Jaworski
“They’re last!”- Tony Kornheiser

Hahahahaha. Got you!

3rd and goal now….incomplete but Will Smith was offsides. 3rd and Goal again from the 4 yard line….

Chester Taylor to Shiancoe?!?!?! Umm okay? It’s still six though….

17-10 Vikings

9:33- And Pierre Thomas again to almost midfield! Just kick it out of bounds….jeez. Brees first down pass is batted down, but hits Moore for a first on second. Fumble….Brees gets it back. 2nd and 10 from the Vikings’ 41….

“In some countries these guys are picking out furniture.”- Tony Kornheiser on Brees and Sean Payton

That’s something Tony might be apologizing for later in the game.

“Brees’ relationship to Sean Payton has been described by everyone as perfect” – Tony Kornheiser

You know you’re an awful announcer when you’re analysis reads more like soft core porn than actual football analysis. (Via JFein)

Bush for another first and the Saints are moving it once again……

FUMBLE!!!! Bush drops the ball but he was taken down with a facemask! The Vikings picked it up and it will be their ball. Amazing that there was no call there and Sean Payton is flipping the hell out. As would I and Ed Hochuli is having yet another bad night.

9:44- Hoch and Co. miss another call and Sean Payton challenges it, but I’m sure Ed is hearing about the previous play more than this one. 2nd and 10 for the Vikings….and a screen is knocked down. 3rd and long….

Offsides on the Saints. We’ll redo it at 3rd and 5….Berrian with the nice catch and that’s a first down in Saints’ territory.

“He [Hochuli] drops in my fantasy referee draft.”- Tony Kornheiser

Ugh. Peterson gets his sixth carry and gets two yards and Wade drops an easy one. 3rd and long….incomplete. Vikings to punt and justice is somewhat served. Although I do lose 3pts in a fantasy league.

Ed Hochuli and crew badly blow yet another call… gee, what a shock. On Tuesday from his office he might as well already start writing an apology letter to all Saints fans; Ed, references to Bourbon Street and gumbo can only help. (Via Anon)

“You gotta take shots while the box is being loaded.” – Ron Jaworski (Via SS)

9:52- Nice crotch shot of some guy dressed up like a luchador. And Jared Allen is hurt. Not Good….Brees hits Campbell over the middle for 22. Bush with another five and the Saints are at midfield in a hurry….8 minute to go. Brees throws incomplete on second down and it’s 3rd and five….false start….3rd and 10….

Brees to Bush for a first….FUMBLE! Oh man….bounces right to the Saints. What a lucky mofo. 1st and 10 at the 41….

“They were dooing for Deuce McAllister.”- Mike Tirico
“Dooing?”- Tony Kornheiser
“Deucing.”- Mike Tirico

Hahahahaha. Deucing doesn’t make that line better. 2nd and 10 for the Saints….Screen to Lance Moore but there’s a hold on the play. 2nd and 20 now with 6 minutes to go. Brees to Bush and he’s going backwards for a loss of four. 3rd and 22….Brees hits Meachem over the middle and he is juuuuuuust short of the mark. And Payton is obviously going for it….

Brees to Reggie Bush on play action and that was just too easy. 1st and goal at the nine. Vikings call timeout. Winfield takes out McAllister on first down…..

Interception! Moore hands the ball to Lieber and Minnesota takes over. Good lord….the Saints are killing themselves tonight.

10:05- Peterson for two on first down but Wade picks up a hard fought first on second. 251-48 yards for New Orleans and Minnesota is leading by seven. Insane. That’s the 2-minute warning.

“They were in position to score a million times.” – Tony Kornheiser

Hyperbole personified. Frerotte gets nailed but hits a wide open Bobby Wade for 17. Draw to A.P. and he gets a few, but Wade gets a first….or not. Terrible spot and it’ll be third and one right at midfield.

Peterson up the middle and he just gets crushed by Vilma and fumbles! RULED DOWN!!! No way and the Saints are going to get screwed again here…..and now the fans see it. Wait…that’s actually kind of close. He loses it…gets it back and then it goes out. Here comes the review….

Still the Vikings ball. Hochuli says that Peterson’s hand was still under the ball and the Saints’ fans are pissssssed.

“The strong hand wins the contest.”- Ron Jaworski

Is that a bible quote I’m not aware of? Chester Taylor up the middle for five and Frerotte hits Wade for a first. The Vikings are playing for a FG and didn’t they learn their lesson against the Colts??? Bad move….

Or not. Gus hits Allison for another first and he’s out of bounds at the 19. And here’s a run with Taylor up the middle and if I was a Vikings fan, I’d be losing my mind right now. :18 seconds left and no timeouts for Minnesota….

Gus to Berrian in the endzone….out of bounds. 3rd and 6….incomplete and almost picked off. Well at least they tried right? Here comes Longwell for another FG attempt….

Good and that’ll make it 20-10 Vikings with :04 left in the half, which will for all intents and purposes. I’m going to catch up on some Baseball and see you in a new thread shortly.