I figured since a lot of you are at work and unable to watch the UEFA Final that I’d throw up videos of the goals as they happened. Man U went up with Christiano Ronaldo heading home a cross from Wes Brown in the 26th minute and they appeared to be headed to the half up 1-0. That’s when Frank Lampard jammed home a bouncing ball off a defenders back in the 45th minute. We’re tied 1-1 at the half and here are your goals…

As far as the announcing goes I’m rather enjoying Derek Rae and Tommy Smyth, but Clarence Seedorf is providing nothing and not even completing his statements. Good thing the Dutch star is heading over to the Deportes booth at halftime.

Things are getting interesting. I’ll try to keep you updated.

Update: Drogba just blasted one off the post in the 78th minute. Chelsea is dominating this thing now.

Update #2: Extra time! I’ll have the winner for you when it goes down. Wow….another Chelsea shot off the wood work. Lampard nails the crossbar in the 94th.

Update #3: Drogba was just sent off with a red card for barely touching someone. Soccer fights are so weak. Looks like we’ll be heading to a shootout.


Also, what’s with the fans singing John Denver?

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