I do my best to avoid all things Mariotti, but lately I’ve been reading a piece here and there. I know I shouldn’t but White Sox fans keep dropping them in the inbox and complaining about them. Mariotti’s latest effort is really no different than in year’s past. It’s his latest “Fire Ozzie” article and he seems to be finally fed up with the Sox manager…..

“I’m sick and tired to watch this thing for a year and a half,” Guillen said in his latest rant, this one aimed at Williams.

The feeling is mutual, Ozzie. We are sick and tired of you. When you’re in last place, you’re miserable. When you’re in first place, you’re miserable. When you go out for a beer, you say you’re miserable because you’re afraid the guy next to you will yap that he got drunk with Ozzie, as you said last month. You are trapped inside this creepy character you’ve created. Whatever charm that may have been attached to the Blizzard three years ago, when the Sox somehow won a World Series, has been replaced by a reality that glory isn’t worth the price of dealing with a madman.

The question I’m asking you today is that while Ozzie is far from a saint, does the majority of White Sox Nation want him fired? Mariotti writes this same column every year and puts “we” in just about all of them. For a guy who hates everyone in his city and everyone seems to hate him….he speaks for a lot of fans with these statements. I mean Ozzie won the city a World Series just three years ago, and I’m amazed that fans would want him fired. It’s unfortunate they no longer allow comments on Mariotti’s articles, and I’m amazed that he’s not the who’s been axed because of his personal vendetta against Guillen.

Time to fire Guillen, put him out of misery (Chicago Sun Times)

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