There isn’t official word of the Dancing With The “Stars” cast for next season, but a few sites are claiming to have inside info. On the list are such “celebrities” as Kim Kardashian, Toni Braxton, Lance Bass, Florence Henderson and one Daniel Constantine Marino, Jr. From In Touch via The Palm Beach Post….

What do a sultry soul singer, a sexy reality starlet known for her bodacious butt, a rodeo cowboy, a Hall of Fame quarterback, an openly gay former boy-bander and the 74-year-old “Mrs. Brady” have in common? As In Touch can exclusively reveal, they’ll all be getting their groove on during the seventh season of Dancing With the Stars! “Toni Braxton, Kim Kardashian, Jewel’s boyfriend Ty Murray, Dan Marino, Lance Bass and Florence Henderson will all be competing,” an insider tells In Touch. “The cast is eclectic and diverse: We’ve got young, old, gay, straight, dance professionals and people who’ve never danced before.

The official reveal isn’t happening until August 25th on Good Morning America, but if the reputable In Touch magazine says it’s true…then I believe it. A former athlete seems to win the thing every year, so he’s got a chance, and with the ratings the show gets it’s really just free press for CBS.

Update: Now there’s word that he isn’t going to be on the show….

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