Hugh Laurie AND Alycia Keys! This must be a pregame show for the Super Bowl!!! Good afternoon everyone. Hopefully you skipped Sunday Countdown because it was pretty uneventful at best. Not bad…not good. Hopefully Seacrest and the crew will give us some gems during FOX’s coverage.

I’ll be in and out of this spot until about 5pm and then I’ll be jumping over to The Sporting Blog for the rest of the night. Break out your drinks and someone come up with a drinking game stat.

Pam Oliver informs us that the Giants watched a 2 minute 30 second movie of their playoff highlights set to “I hope you had the time of your life” by Green Day. That’s nice.

“You know she was talking about the music of Green Days, it’s like being Kasey Kasem here.”- Curt Menafee

Pretty sure that’s not supposed to be plural Curt.

“It takes two of you guys to wand me?”- Ryan Seacrest

Eww. I already can’t stand this crap. Jimmy Johnson with a nice Writer’s Strike joke. What is this two months ago?

“Pretend you’re going after Tom Brady’s girlfriend back there. Whatever helps.”- Jimmy Johnson

Yep….this guy just said that….

“I’ve had enough of it. I want to give these New England Patriots that trophy tonight to shut that bunch up down in Miami up.”- Terry Bradshaw

Whoa TB….settle my friend. And a Brady Quinn commercial on voting….yes!!!

“Hey Seacrest, the only time I thought I’d see you at a Super Bowl man would be as a cheerleader.”- Terry Bradshaw

Ouch…Terry is feisty today. Our first red carpet guests are Alycia Keys and Jordin Sparks. I think they’re singers.

Ooooh Joe Buck with a nice chip shot in the FBR Open Pro-Am. Ryan Seacrest interviewing Roger Goddell was pretty dreadful….”Thanks man! Have a good one.”- RS

It’s actually refreshing that FOX is doing spots on the Giants unlike another pregame show earlier today that only focused on the Patriots.

Good job people! You got annoyed by Chris Meyers for countless hours and you powered a 30 second commercial for Amp energy drink. You should be proud. Oh and Air Bud is on in the loacl DC area if Ryan Seacrest isn’t exciting enough.

Oooh…Larry Fishburne. Now that’s a star…..and Giants VP Steve Tisch. They’re pulling out all the big guns early.

“Cowboys aren’t easy to looooove and theeeeeey’re harder to holllllllllllllld.”

Best. Pregame. Ever. Isn’t Sara Evans the chick who’s ex-husband was watching porn in front of their kids? Or is that another ample breasted country singer???

Jillian Barberie, er Reynolds is on the carpet now…can she even be considered a guest and/or star? Now House is definitely a star! Oooh Jim from The Office….now we’re talking!!!

“Signing Randy Moss this past season had the NFL scratching their heads.”- Howie Long

Ummm, he wasn’t signed Howie….he was traded for.

“Another Malibu’s Most Wanted.”- Howie Long

And then you say something like that after a crappy rapper does a cheesy spot….AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOUSELF!

Add Kevin Everett, Cal Ripken, and Marissa Miller to the red carpet list. DO IT PAULA! Dance like there’s no tomorrow!!!

And Randy Jackson on Bass! Nice!!! Play some Journey next. Rock it Paul Brogan….

Add Nick Lachey and Jimmy Johnson to the “stars” list…..and Sam Jackson.

Okay everyone I’m heading over to the Sporting Blog. Same rules apply over there, so sign up for a commenter account and get your name in lights.

Super Bowl Broadcast: Pregame (Sporting News)