It’s really a shame that this Osi injury went down. No, not because he’s a great player and I want to see him play this season but rather because I was looking forward to Strahan joining the NFL on FOX. I think he’s perfect for television, and while five people on set is never a good idea, the addition was a great one for that network.

I speculated that the ex-Giant probably had a clause in his contract that would let him make a return and late last night, Vice President of Communications Dan Bell said the network wouldn’t try to stop an “un-retirement”. From SBD via Sporting News Today….

SPORTING NEWS TODAY’s Dennis Dillon reports if former NFLer Michael Strahan re-joins the Giants, Strahan’s contract with Fox Sports “will not impede the process.” Fox officials yesterday “gave Strahan their blessing to return to the Giants without jeopardizing his job status.” Fox VP/Communications Dan Bell: “If he does decide to go back and play for the Giants, he has our full support and his job will be waiting for him when he returns.”

I guess that’s the right decision, and obviously a good faith gesture by FOX, but now I’m rooting for Strahan to ignore the Giants and move ahead with his second career behind the mic. And no, not just because I’m a Skins fan. I genuinely think he’ll be open and honest about teams and players and someone like that is definitely needed within the NFL these days.

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