This was covered in the PWC on Saturday, but the World of Issac happened to pull the video, so I thought I’d share the clip. Michigan State had a pretty amazing comeback (as amazing as Big Ten Football can get I guess) against Wisconsin on Saturday, and it took a game winning FG after a nice drive to do so.

During said drive, the Spartans were out of timeouts and had a third and ten with :41 on left on the clock. Listen to the brilliance of Pam as she calls for the ever-genius, “spike the ball on fourth down” play!

Again, this is the announcer that the Washington Post referred to as, “always prepared to the max, knows her Xs and Os inside and out and sets up her analyst partners beautifully.” Man, did she ever setup Ray Bentley on that one! I think we might have our Pammy winner before I even post the voting this afternoon. Good lord.

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