I’ll be in and out of this space all night adding the quotes below this space. Hopefully we can finally get a good game out of one of these BCS contests. AA’s pal and St. Louis Fan Matt Vasgersian is on the call, so he should at least keep us entertained.

#9 West Virginia vs. #4 Oklahoma
The Fiesta Bowl
8:00 PM ET, January 2, 2008
University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ

Weather: 69 Degrees, Partly Cloudy
Spread: Oklahoma -9, O/U 62
AA’s Pick: WVU +9 (Record 15-10-2)
Announcers: Matt Vasgersian, Pat Haden and Terry Donahue (FOX)

Team Leaders

West Virginia Passing: White- 68.0%, 1548 Yards, 12 TDs, 4 INTs
Oklahoma Passing: Bradford- 70.1%, 2879 Yards, 34 TDs, 7 INTs

West Virginia Rushing: White- 177 Carries, 1185 Yards, 6.7 avg, 14 TDs
Oklahoma Rushing: Patrick- 159 Carries, 927 Yards, 5.8 avg, 8 TDs

West Virginia Receiving: Reynaud- 59 Catches, 691 Yards, 11.7 avg, 11 TDs
Oklahoma Receiving: Iglesias- 60 Catches, 854 Yards, 14.2 avg, 4 TDs

“Since there’s a writers’ strike, who’s responsible for writing tonight’s script?”- Chris Rose (Via tjh420)

“The best thing about Oklahoma has got to be the girls.”- Male Oklahoma Student
“The best thing about Oklahoma has got to be the guys.”- Female Oklahoma Student #1
“It’s definitely the guys!”- Female Oklahoma Student #2


Hey, Check this…..C-Mottram found the video of Thom Brennaman calling Georgia the Gators from last night……


Good times.

“The defensive secondary has got to play well” – Barry Switzer (Via Mookie)

“West ‘By Gosh’ Virginia”- Matt Vasgersian

Ha…I think there’s an F-word missing in there.

“Not only was he held, and got the sack, but he got held as well”- Terry Donahue

“Well Terry because of your filibuster let me get into the keys of the game for Oklahoma.”- Pat Haden

Uh oh….the analysts are fighting now.

“I can tell you from being in a lot of bowl games that the speed and tempo of West Virginia is controlling this game.”- Terry Donahue

I didn’t know it took bowl game experience to state the obvious. (Via Fairplay)

“One of those “stupid” penalties”- Terry Donahue (Via JJ)

As JJ pointed out….There are smart penalties?

“Owen Schmitt, like a big runaway beer truck” – Matt Vasgersian (Via Mookie and Smitty)


“You know, I think it’s time for Sam Bradford to respond.”- Pat Haden

It’s 20-6….you think?

“You were a Rhodes Scholar right? You spell that R-O-A-D-S right?”- Terry Donahue

“They’re going to put him in for a couple of plays.”- Laura Okmin on Steve Slaton

Umm, they just showed him with his pads off….don’t think he’s coming back honey.

“Pat White has gotten in and out of trouble with those beautiful legs of his.” Terry Donahue (Via Fairplay)

“Sam Bradford and he’s come out and been hot this half.”- Terry Donahue

It’s 3 minutes in Terry….settle down.

“And this is what happens in Football. Guys are going down on you.”- Pat Haden (Via zeb)

“Boy they shouldn’t let those two guys sit together. At least keep them in that order. You’d get the bloggers going all day on that one.”- Matt Vasgersian

“there’s not two ounces of nonsense in Bob Stoops”.- Matt Vasgersian (Via Mal)

“I need to take that Jet.”- Pat Haden
“There’s a school bus out back that has Donahue, Haden, Vasgersian on it. That’s how we’re getting out of here.”- Matt Vasgersian

“That’s Oklahoma-type speed?”- Terry Donahue (Via JJ and lib4) on the Noel Devine Touchdown

Let me get this straight. Oklahoma can’t keep up with a team that has “Oklahoma-type speed?” (Via JJ)

“If you put your nose up in the air just right you can smell the sofa cushions all the way from Morgantown.”- Matt Vasgersian

Now THAT’S how you end a broadcast.