During the White Sox-Tigers last night Joe Morgan alluded to a conversation that he and White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen had about who the best player from Puerto Rico was. Morgan relayed that Guillen said Ivan Rodriguez, Roberto Alomar, and Roberto Clemente and said that he thought the Manager was out of his mind for not picking Clemente first.

Of course the reasoning that Morgan used was because he “played with Clemente” and I just chalked it up to the curmudgeon not accepting that any player he didn’t play with or against just isn’t good. Well apparently Joe Morgan didn’t share all of the conversation….

It was vintage Ozzie Guillen before Sunday night’s game, as he didn’t take kindly to ESPN broadcaster Joe Morgan questioning the fact that Guillen told reporters on Saturday that he felt Ivan Rodriguez, not Roberto Clemente, was the greatest player to come out of Puerto Rico.

Morgan told Guillen he was “crazy,’’ starting a series of “FU’s’’ from Guillen.
What Morgan didn’t know was Guillen is a huge collector of Clemente memorabilia, as well as gave his son, Oney, the middle name of Roberto.

“The problem is these old guys think that none of the players now are better than back then,’’ Guillen said.

He then sighted an example, bringing up how Babe Ruth was fat and out of shape, but yet was a dominant hitter and pitcher back in “the old days.” “Babe Ruth couldn’t even play now,’’ Guillen insisted. Morgan was trying to laugh it off, but Guillen sure wasn’t.

I think Guillen hit the nail on the head with that last quote. If Joe Morgan hasn’t seen it happen then it’s not possible. He’s very Carl Everett in that way. Current odds sit at Morgan 500 to 1.

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