Trust me….I never wanted this post to happen. You have to believe me when I say that I tried so hard NOT to hit submit. But alas, it has to be said…..

I agree with and enjoy Stephen A. Smith.

Yep…it’s true, but let me explain.

First, I caught the very tail end of his appearance on Anderson Cooper 360 yesterday. He was weighing in on the Don Imus situation, and being very articulate about it. (The video is below….the Sex in Christianity part is left on for humor’s sake) Well now that S.A.S. has been on CNN a handful of times he’s actually becoming more likeable. No yelling, no cheesy doodles, and no gregarious boastful statements. You know….like a real journalist/reporter. It’s kind of refreshing.

Well there’s more….Until I saw that AC 360 I was going to completely gloss over the fact that Stephen A. Smith has been on Sunday SportsCenter a couple of times. Just skip over it entirely….even though I broke the original rumor. I wasn’t going to go near it. Why?

Because he’s f’ing good. Really good in fact. He’s great with Bob Ley…..he brings in Wilbon for an NBA chat…..and he talks in a clear, concise, and subdued manner. Perfect for a Sunday morning actually. Minus the Sklar Brothers….Sunday Sports Center is actually a great program. Now I’m not saying he won’t do something to mess this up, but as of now this is the only SportsCenter I watch (which might explain that tonight was the first time I’ve actually seen Sage Steele on the show).

Anyway(s) check him out if you get a chance. It’s a welcome departure from Screamin A., and yes….you can alert the authorities. AA Hearts Stephen A. Smith (but only on Sundays and on Right-wing News Programs), and Quite Frankly…..I hate myself for it. (Must….Wash Off…..Filth) I’ll be in the shower all day if you need me.