You’ve all probably seen this already, but a funny/eerie/weird rumor started yesterday afternoon on Pro Football Talk. With in a span of seven minutes they reported and solved the rumor.

POSTED 3:13 p.m. EST, January 25, 2007


We’re picking up some unconfirmed reports from diverse sources that Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw died in a car accident on Thursday.

We don’t know whether it’s true, and if it is true the world would suddenly be a far less enjoyable place. If anyone knows about this, please drop us a line.

And Terry, if you’re out there, let us know you’re okay.

POSTED 3:20 p.m. EST; UPDATED 4:41 p.m. EST, January 25, 2007



One of our industry sources tells us that the rumors of Terry Bradshaw’s demise are not true. He is alive and well and on vacation.

We’re not sure how the rumor got started, but it has been running rampant today. Apparently, the FOX public relations department had been inundated with calls regarding Bradhaw’s status, even before we posted our first item regarding the rumor.

Good Lord PFT…..DO NOT SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN! I don’t know how I would go on with this site, and ultimately life, if TB kicked it. All praise be to Jebus.

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