I don’t know Michael Hiestand. I’ve never had a conversation with the guy. But if I ever get a job in Journalism, I sure as hell pray it’s not his.

It’s got to be tough to be ESPN’s bitch. They give you stories ahead of time and you submit them at midnight the night before they are released. Woe is you. Well this one takes the cake in my book, and I’m pretty pissed off about it. I’ll let the douchebag at the McPaper explain….

The idea, to be announced Wednesday, is to give ESPN’s first college football game this season — Louisiana State at Mississippi State on Aug. 30 — a whopping 25-hour lead-in. Rece Davis, saying he’ll play “the Jerry Lewis role” in hosting the marathon: “I might have to wear a tux. … And at the end, maybe we’ll dim the lights and I’ll loosen my tie and have more product in my hair than usual.”

ESPN’s Twenty-Five Hours of College Football Presented by TIVO starts at 7 p.m. ET Aug. 29 and continues until the Tigers-Bulldogs kickoff 25 hours later. Some regular shows, such as SportsCenter will remain intact, but with more emphasis on college football, while offbeat fare fills time slots. The University of Hawaii team practice was moved to 9 p.m. in their time zone to fill the 3 a.m. ET slot.

Davis says the format came up casually — “somebody said, ‘Why don’t we stay up all night?’ ” — and will serve fans “starved for more, more, more. I can’t imagine there’ll be much we’ll miss.”

To be “announced tomorrow”? Thanks you ass. Glad ESPN emailed it to you ahead of time. You’re special.

With that said…..ESPN, how about you don’t make a mockery of college football and the south, and make it an actual telethon. You can even raise money for the area from which one of your 25-Hour teams is from. You know the one that got hit with a massive hurricane last year 2005 (I was referring to the “Sports Season” in the previous explanation. Sorry for the confusion)? The one in Louisiana. Wait, didn’t Mississippi get hit by it too? Oh I’m sorry…..I’ll put it in terms you understand.

The one Spike Lee made an HBO Documentary about (you have to bring it to the Hollywood level for some people to understand).

I pray that Rece Davis got misquoted in this whole deal and that ESPN will “magically” make this into a money raising event. If you are making a mockery out of this ESPN, I swear to christ I’m stopping at no ends to let the world know.


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