We’ve looked at local press coverage for UCLA already, now it’s time to go to our nation’s capital and examine the feature articles about the Georgetown Hoyas. The talent at the Washington Post is top-notch, with Michael Wilbon at the top of the heap, in my opinion. I am not so much a fan of Tony Kornheiser, either as a writer, or a football announcer. I just don’t dig the Shecky Green act. Sally Jenkins has the year-round Hoyas beat, and does a nice job as well.

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I’d also be remiss if I didn’t point out that Ted at A Price Above Bip Roberts is a hee-yoooge Hoya fan (and an alum), and is writing about them all week in his blog. He also turned in an excellent feature on the unifying power college sports have on a diverse student body at College Rule Notebook.

But now we turn to the august halls and cubicles of the Washington Post, after the jump.

The Wash Post is not usually into warm and fluffy features, but their analysis is always good.

Camille Powell starts us off with an examination of the impact some non-star players have on the Hoyas’ fortunes: Can They Cut It? Key stat: “Georgetown trailed 75-65 with seven minutes left in regulation, but from that point on, the Hoyas outscored the Tar Heels by a 31-9 margin — and Green and Hibbert, the team’s top two scorers, accounted for just seven of those points.”

Michael Wilbon weighs in on the possibility that JT3 might be a better coach than his dad. His argument: If he is, it’s because his dad paved the way for it to happen.

Are you one of those people who wonders why black columnists talk about race a lot? Because crap like this happened in their lifetimes, and those of your parents.

Quite frankly, the Post’s coverage seems to be all about having famous parents, and how one deals with it. Sally Jenkins named her article after a movie with Daniel Day-Lewis. Quote: “You get the feeling, listening to Thompson III wax on about his tutelage under Pete Carril of Princeton, that there was a time when his father couldn’t tell him much of anything.”

The echoes of history are very strong in the Georgetown coverage, which is an interesting contrast to the UCLA coverage by the L.A. Times. While there is no direct link to John Wooden, Lew Alcindor, or Bill Walton on this UCLA team, those banners have to loom large.

In general, it’s amazing how many famous dads will be at this Final Four. Mike Conley for Ohio State; Big John Thompson, Patrick Ewing, and Doc Rivers for Gtown, Yannick Noah, Tito Horford, and Sidney Green for the Gators, and Joe Shipp temporarily leaving USC football on the back burner and rooting for his son Josh to win a basketball championship at UCLA.

Lots of Daddy issues getting played out on the hardwood tonight.

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