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We have some great quotes to get us started from yesterday’s action, and if you need an announcing schedule for today…click below…

Your College Football Announcing Schedule: Week Thirteen

“USC is a cinch to go to one of the three remaining BCS Bowl Games….maybe the Fiestus Bowl. That would be the likely suspect.”- David Norrie

“And unexpectedly LSU opens its Offensive Thrust from the twenty five yard line.”- Verne Lundquist

“Lobs it out….Hello slippery!”- Verne Lundquist

“That rear end is up in the air he’s ready to go hunt.”- Chris Spielman

“Talk about guys who are close to one another, who have continuity. In the womb together at birth and now beside each other in the biggest game of their lives.”- Quint Kessenich

“He’s Doctor Bionical Man right there.”- Chris Spielman

I’m pretty sure Bionical isn’t a word, but okay Chris.

“Florida State has a chance to win this game by outscoring the Gators.”- Lee Corso


“He throws up a hopes and wish ball and his hopes and dreams are answered.”- Ray Bentley on Matt Ryan

Such a beautiful description…*tear*

“I know you’re thinking of Bruce [Springsteen] because he’s going to be coming to John Paul Jones arena. He will be here to play a concert at the Viginia Tech Basketball Arena.”- Dave Pasch

I know Virginia is a confusing state being a Commonwealth and all, but you’re actually in Charlottesville Dave, and JPJ arena is UVA’s Basketball Arena.

“And that one’s intercepted. A chancey pass anyway.”- Pam Ward

Sorry…that’s not a word Pam.

“And that’s Miami’s first first down of the season.”- Pam Ward (Via Tom)

Hahaha right Pam. Riiiiight.

“You know, it throws all of the BCS into a gumbo, with all that good stuff you throw in the pot.” – Andre Ware, going with a regional analogy for the LSU loss. (Via S2N)

“He’s got a little Peyton Manning in him.” – Craig Bolerjack on Erik Ainge (Via S2N)

“That’s a headsy play, and Ponder tries to take it down yonder.”- Ray Bentley

“This is his last home game here at home.”- Andre Ware on UVA’s Chris Long (Via Bruce)

“That ball almost took a sideward spin and hit Macho Harris.”- Andre Ware

Sounds like something Emmitt would say.

“…and it winds up being Vince Hall coming in the face of Peter Lalich…”- Andre Ware (Via ZHR)

“You need to go to the bakery and get yourself a nice warm turnover.” – Andre Ware (Via Anon)

“Vince Hall was running down his throat.”- Dave Pasch

That duo is nasty.

“Crowd wanted UConn to go for it on 4th down” – Bob Wischusen, too bad West Virginia was on offense at the time. (Via Mookie)

“If you’re going to underthrow the ball, you have to do it short.”- Ed Cunningham (Via Anon)

“Foster runs it outside down the sideline and is bumped out of bounds and will stop the clock. Well, the clock’s not running. Oh, we’re in overtime.”- Craig Bolerjack (Via Willmott)

David Norrie just got the Aflac trivia question right and the ESPN stats team got it wrong, at least as asked. The question was the most played college football rivalry – Norrie said Lehigh v. Lafayette . . . the duck said Wisconsin-Minnesota at 117. Leigh and Lafayette have played 142 times. The question would’ve needed to have the qualifier for the bowl subdivision of NCCA D-1 to be correct. (Via Anon)

I caught that as well. I thought I knew the answer as well…Bob Wischusen laughed at him like he was crazy.

“Nice part about it, I think he understood everything Bonnie said.”- Paul Maguire on Bonnie Bernstein’s interview with Uga the Georgia mascot

I think he’s saying you’re a bitch Bonnie. I’ll kill him.

“On the Georgia sidelines, the water girl happens to be sleeping with the coach.

[long pause]

She happens to be Richt’s wife.” – Brad Nessler (Via The Unreliable Narrator)

“…had to give Muns that cigar.”- Brad Nessler
“We wondered what you were giving him.”- Bob Griese
“We’ve been trading cigars for about 28 years.”- Brad Nessler
“Voice sounds a little younger than yours.- Paul Maguire
“Does it?”- Brad Nessler
“We were wondering what you were giving him for after the game. You know my partner over here, he…..”- Bob Griese
“I thought you were giving him a bud.”- Paul Maguire

“The thing you have to realize is that these teams are in un-chartered waters.”- Kirk Herbstreit