So the NFL Network is unveiling the NFL Regular Season Schedule today in a 60 minute special (1pm…and I wish I wasn’t at work). Since they have the exclusive rights ESPN will have to employ their “CBS has the NCAA Tournament Brackets, so we will just copy them 10 minutes after they put them up and add an extra hour to the program” strategy (1-3pm).

This has become like a National Holiday for me along the lines of Opening Day, March Madness, Madden Day, and Daytona 500 Qualifying (One of those isn’t true…I’ll let you guess). I think like everyone I take my team (Skins), and “realistically” figure out the nine wins that will get them to the playoffs. Last year it was Vikings, Texans, Jags, Titans, Bucs, Cowboys, Falcons, Eagles, and Rams… think that would have been easy right??? You don’t even have to beat the Giants (Sorry still bitter)!!!

We also get to enjoy this time as John Clayton comes out of his cocoon and Sean Salisbury puts his cellphone down for a few minutes.

Those Scheduled to appear today:

The NFL Network: Smugness himself…Rich Eisen, Best Friend of Tom Izzo….Steve Mariucci, Playoffs?!?!?!….Jim Mora, Lavar Arrington ruined my career…..Troy Aikman, and I’m on 40 different NFL shows…..Chris Collinsworth.

ESPN: Doug Gottlieb can shut the “F” up…..Trey Wingo, Joe Theismann hates my guts….Ron Jaworski, I wish people respected me like Ron Jaworski….Chris Mortensen, I have no idea what I’m ever talking about…..Mark Schlereth, I could kick AA’s ass, so he won’t be saying anything funny about me…..Darren Woodson, I hate Gay people openly…..Tony Dungy, and………

I’ve been shot in the ass, punched Willie Green pregrame, called out the President, has dogs that kill horses, called KWII a faggot, and got into a fight with Levi Jones in vegas………


Get near a TV for this one. It’s also on if you’ve got the time at work (And yes that is a photo of NFL contacts that you can purchase and wear. What is this world coming to?).

This topic also leads perfectly into the next post……Have you ever wondered what happened when 32 different Bloggers attempt a Mock Draft???? Well you’re gonna find out.

NFL Network to Unveil 2007 Schedule (

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