I guess it’s not really a secret, but I just wanted to give a reminder to those involved. Daniel will be kicking this party off this evening with a flurry of picks to follow. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if we got through the whole thing tonight.

Being the secretive person that I am I beg of you not to reveal your picks as the whole post on Monday will be for naught. But I trust all of you.

Also, there have been a few trade offers, but nothing that’s been approved by the league. My personal favorite so far was Shanoff trading Will the first pick in the draft for his 5th, a day’s worth of posts, and babysitting for one evening. That’s the way Dan….guilt trip the Buzzsaw!

For those not involved in the first round….email me now. The second round is going fast. I’ve filled up about 1/3 of the spots, and I want YOU involved. Many of the first round blogs are willing to pick in the 2nd round, but I want to get as many different blogs involved as I can.

Let the mayhem, er fun begin!