I hadn’t really even remembered that there was an MLS All-Star Game let alone it’s tomorrow night. But alas, it is…and it’s going to feature a lengthy David Beckham interview (in case you care)….

Beckham will be interview by Host Rob Stone at halftime of the ASG, and will feature a ton of interesting bells and whistles throughout the game.

Even better than that are the interviews setup for Becks scheduled debut on Saturday. Landon Donovan and Reggie Bush will be halftime interviews and ESPN will feature a “Celeb Cam” (ugh.) that will bother famous people throughout the game…

ESPN2 will deploy a roving Celebrity Cam to spot semi-famous faces in the crowd — think ESPN will find anybody who stars on corporate cousin ABC? — and will have a “red-carpet” pregame show.

NFL star Reggie Bush will drop by ESPN2’s booth to talk about his adidas ads with Beckham — ESPN says this isn’t a paid infomercial — and on its online broadband service, ESPN will keep a camera continually focused on Beckham.

Sounds like fun! I’ll watch so you don’t have to.

Extra Sweet Bonus….”Major League Soccer announced today that Atlantic Records recording artist The Academy Is… and Kin Kon/Nettwerk recording artist Kinky will perform live during the Sierra Mist 2007 MLS All-Star Game.”

Emo Music and Soccer! YES!!!!!!

Will he matter? (USA Today)

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