Remember that this is very subjective grading based on a fake draft. Tell me again why I just spent an hour on this post? Oh well….it was fun.

Portland- Greg Oden, Ramon Sessions, Marcus Williams, Jemareo Davidson, Ron Lewis

Grade: B, Portland obviously need a great Center. With the rest of the lineup full most of these guys are going to end up in the NBDL. Sorry Ron. Overall the Blazers got the job done by getting Oden and then drafting a solid PG.

Seattle- Kevin Durant, Taurean Green, Aaron Gray

Grade: B+, Great fake draft by Seattle. Getting Aaron Gray with their 2nd 2nd Round pick is a steal. Green should be a great backup to Luke Ridinour as well.

Atlanta- Al Horford, Acie Law

Grade: A-, They got their PG and a better F than the Williams sisters.

Memphis- Yi Jianlian

Grade: C+, Mainly because they only have one pick, but they really don’t need another athletic forward.

Boston- Joakim Noah, Morris Almond

Grade: D+, The Noah pick was a stretch, but not entirely bad. Almond was the only SG left, so they’re stuck with them.

Milwaukee- Brandan Wright, DaShaun Wood

Grade: B-, DaShaun Wood was a great late round pickup…especially if they can’t hang onto Mo Williams. B-Wright is an unknown, but worth the gamble.

Minnesota- Mike Conley Jr., Herbert Hill

Grade: C+, Liked the Conley pick as he’ll fit right in, but Hill was a stretch. There were plenty of good big men left at the time.

Charlotte- Corey Brewer, Sean Williams

Grade: A+, Having Brewer fall to them was a godsend. They now add two amazing defenders to a great lineup that consists of Okafor and Wallace.

Chicago- Jeff Green, Jared Jordan, Carl Landry

Grade: C-, Just personal opinion, but I don’t like Jeff Green here. You’re already adding him to an overcrowded 3 spot with Nocioni and Deng. Landry isn’t a bad pick, but they should have gone bigger with the first two selections.

Sacramento- Spencer Hawes

Grade: C-, White centers workout about as much as Michelle Wie playing in Men’s Tournament (or Women’s). He’s the most over-hyped player in the Draft.

Philadelphia- Julian Wright, Nick Young, Rudy Fernandez, Reyshawn Terry

Grade: A-, You get to potential stars in Wright and Young and you add two more athletic players in the 2nd. Amazing that Young fell this far….won’t happen tonight.

New Orleans- Aaron Aflalo, JamesOn Curry

Grade: F+, I take blame for the Curry pick, but Aflalo this early is not the way to go.

LA Clippers- Jarvis Crittenton, Dominic McGuire

Grade: B-, I love Crit, but as an ACC fan I’m biased. The Clippers need a PG and got the best available.

Detroit- Rodney Stuckey, Gabe Pruitt, Stanko Barac

Grade: C+, Everyone is picking Stuckey to stay in his College state, but I’m not sold. Pruitt was a solid 2nd rounder.

Washington- Thadeus Young, Aaron Brooks

Grade: B+, If you’re trading Jamison the Young pick is perfect. I would have also like Young or Williams at this point, but I’m happy. Brooks in the 2nd is a steal.

New Jersey- Glen Davis

Grade: C+, This could go either way…it’s a gamble that could pay off though. They need someone who plays hard down low, and with all the weight Big Baby’s lost he could do some serious banging (pun intended)

Golden State- Al Thornton, Daequan Cook, DJ Strawberry

Grade: A, The most athletic team in the league just doubled up. They don’t need a slow bulky big man. Just crank up the O again next year.

LA Lakers- Jason Smith, Marc Gasol, Demetris Nichols

Grade: D+, Kobe is not going to be happy with 2 white stiffs and an NBDL bench player.

Miami- Tiago Splitter, Petteri Koponen

Grade: B-, I’m high on Koponen from what I’ve seen of him. The international route has been working for defensive teams lately.

New York- Alando Tucker

Grade: D+, I love Tucker, but you just drafted Mardy Collins Version 2.0

Phoenix- Derrick Byars, Marco Belinelli, Stephane Lasme

Grade: C+, The Belinelli pick was my fault….two SGs was not the way to go. They need a good Forward here…perhaps Marcus Williams???

Utah- Nick Fazekas, Chris Richard

Grade: B-, Not much they can do in this spot, but I love the late Richard pick…good value.

Houston- Josh McRoberts

Grade: F, enough said.

San Antonio- Jared Dudley, Wilson Chandler, Joao Gomes

Grade: A-, Just like in real life the Fake Spurs did an amazing job loading up. Dudley could probably contribute on over half of the teams in the NBA right now. He’ll be the steal of the draft.

Dallas- Zabian Dowdell, Renaldas Seibutis, Russell Carter

Grade: C+, Dowdell went early, but he’s not a bad backup for Terry. I know nothing about Seibutis and Carter was Mister Irrelevant.

Orlando- Kyle Visser, Kyrylo Fesenko

Grade: C+, I’m not sold at all on Visser (unlike Hollinger). He was an average ACC player in a year that big men domintated. I have no idea who Fesenko is.

So that’s what I’ve got. Tell me where I messed up in the comments.

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