So we’re at the point in our short little blog history where it appears that actual announcers/sportscasters are seeing/reading the site. I know of at least a few college announcers who have emailed me to say they “get” the whole thing. But now two “big time” announcers have made their presence known (and by “made their presence known”….I mean “someone left cryptic comments in old posts that could be from anyone”). But hey….let’s pretend it’s really them….it could be right?

There’s a good and there’s a bad, which do you want first? The bad??? Okay you got it.

In a throw-away post on a game that should have been live-blogged…..A commenter mistakenly identified Spencer Tillman (FYI-I agreed with the commenter) as an annoyance during the game. Well come to find out it was Charles “Mangina” Davis on the call, and Spencer Tillman is NOT happy about our comments….

Someone from the CBS crew thought this was so funny, and I agree, I had to write you guys.

We all are intitled to our opinion and I respect that 100%. Your evaluations on Charles Davis, AKA Spencer Tillman is absolutely ignorant. Charles is a first rate announcer. You may not like what he says but he is as prepared as anyone broadcasting today. Again, you may prefer another broadcaster but to suggest that he brings nothing to the broadcast is just uninformed. By the time you figured out that it wasn’t Spencer Tillman I could ease up a little. Not only are you ignorant, you’re blind.

Spencer Tillman

Wow Spence. First, let me apologize for following the commenter and misplacing you in the booth that night. Second, intitled as you say… spelled entitled (not that I’m one to talk about spelling mistakes). Third, hey that’s great Charles is prepared….he should be….it’s his job. Just like it’s my job to be ignorant and blind.

Whether he’s prepared or not is irrelevant (and no one even actually brought that up in the comments, so I don’t know why I’m even arguing this). Charles just comes off unprepared. It happens a lot in fact… some more than others. Maybe he felt the pressure to say something because Barry Alvarez WAS actually prepared a bit? Not sure, but it was a bad broadcast for him……as most of them are. The truth is hard to hear sometimes. It’s noble to stick up for him though….especially through the comments of a blog.

Please tell CBS to keep passing around articles for me though, and to also invest in a spell-checker.

As far as the good……..

SnapperJones has left a new comment on your post “Super Bowl Announcing Preview- The Booth“:
Just wanted to add a vote of support from a serial lurker to your site. You’re right up with my favorite sports blogs AA, and don’t forget it.

Is this just because I said I liked you Snapper? You will get no preferential treatment from me though (okay, maybe a bit….I’ll let you slide on the next mistake or two).