I held this back for a post to build up excitement. Did it work? Are you excited about ESPN’s new idea to get fans involved??? I know you are…..well here it is….

Title Town.

In place of “Who’s Now?,” ESPN next year will roll out something called “Title Town,” where “SportsCenter” will visit up to 25 towns that it considers “Title Towns.” Viewers can vote via polls on ESPN.com and the network will solicit essays from viewers. This type of programming fits in with ESPN’s strategy of tying together ESPN’s TV network and Web site. “We are making a concerted effort to find places where you bring those two things together,” Skipper said. Execs say the Title Town concept has garnered interest from at least two sponsors already (SBD)

Hahahaha that’s so stupi……wait. That’s ACTUALLY a great idea! Who would have thought that using Sports for one of these ideas would make it sound so good???

How do you think they can mess this one up? My guess is that they’ll just reuse the Who’s Now set and bring the cast of Who’s Your Caddy to comment on the towns.