9:25- As Steve and John said McNair fumbled and it was returned for

“You out here hitting me like Roy Jones.”- CJ to McAllister

“Could the Bengals front office not have gotten Marvin Lewis a Segway? I mean, honestly, he looks pitiful, and I bet Segwqy would donate one for the free publicity.”- Ryan

I don’t care who you are…..

9:27- TONY! TONY!

Tony’s got the jacket! Sweet. Sell that junk on the EBays. Oh and of course he steals my joke immediately after.

Hey, an orange storm trooper! Sweet costume man!!!

Jaws: “That spheroid is now a pancake, after 325 pounds falling on it.”

Kornheiser: “It’s certainly not a souffle.”

Oops Pow Surprise

What doesn’t make sense? That makes perfect sense to me…..I speak Kornheinese though.

Oh by the way….the score is 19-10 Bengals with the Ravens driving (still catching back up).

Check Yes Or No if you’re meeting me for the 4th Quarter (There’s a pretty picture of Tony over there.)

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