11:03- Leinart is running around like a chicken with his head cut off, and an incomplete pass leads to a Neil Rackers FG…..

Rackers (The Hardest Kicker in the NFL) cuts it to 7-3 9ers.

I may get raked over the coals for this one, but I’m kind of enjoying Mike Golic on this broadcast. Maybe it’s because he’s the only one making any sense.

“We will get a look at Alex Smith as the 49ers take over next.”- Mike Greenberg, Ummm Mike…..it’s the 2nd quarter. He’s had the ball 3 times now.

“Bite them on the behind.”- Anon, “Let’s add “bites them right in the behind” to the list of things nobody feels like hearing on MNF”- Oops Pow Surprise

11:14- Gore is looking like a horse in the early going. The Mikes finally introduce the San Francisco offense after about an hour.

Berry forces a fumble and Alex Smith just looked lost on that play. Card ball at the San Fran 36 yard line.

“You got to get in people’s face and you’ve got to establish who you are.”- Mike Ditka, Now that’s the comments we need to be hearing from you Coach!

Greenberg just thought a wrapper on the field was a flag……


“Mike Ditka is giving more advice on running an offense. This from a guy who thought he could make the playoffs in his last job with two Billy Joes, Heath Shuler and Danny Wuerffel at quarterback.”- Anon

Ricky Williams could not be reached for comment.

“That’s where Alex Smith will get it………PAUSE………PAUSE……..(in audible)……(commercial).”- Mike Greenberg

God this is dreadful…..I feel bad for them. Not really.

“Back in San Francisco, we’re off to a very shaky start…”- MG…..If you only knew Greeny. If you only knew.- Bstone

Amen B….Amen.

11:24- D Jack gets a nice catch on a play action pass. Ditka goes does some meth and tells me about another backup tight end.

“Did Greeny just say Vernon Davis was a 6th round pick?”- Anon

I have no idea Anon…..I really can’t keep up with them.

“Arnaz Battle was downfield blocking….you don’t see that from a lot of receivers.”- Mike Ditka, Really? Have you heard of a guy named Hines Ward??

“Greeny sounds like a high school kid calling the JV game on 520 AM The Fan in Oshkosh Wisconsin.”- Anon

You guys are killing me tonight…..many thanks to everyone who’s commented and still going strong. We’ll get through this trainwreck together!!! Hold me.

11:33- Alex Smith throws incomplete on third down after putting together a nice drive. Field Goal by Nedney is good.

10-10 Tie.

“I don’t know if you can read my hand writing when you got to promo.”– Mike Golic, Oh Mikey…..hit the cough my friend. That got on air when coming back from commercial.

11:39- Blow the whistle! Blow the whistle!!!! Leinart scrambles like he’s trying to avoid parenthood and is lucky he doesn’t fumble. He’s bailed out by a penalty though.

2 minute warning.

“Anyone else wonder what the hell Nessler and Vermeil did to get bumped off the second game this year?”- Anon

Great f’ing question! Although Mike Ditka does sound a bit like the laryngitis version of Dick Vermeil.

Leinart runs awkwardly for about 6 yards. Timeout Cards, and the San Fran fans waive their blankets.

11:46- Great play by Bryant Young to get the stop on third down. The Buzzsaw will punt.

“I think the mike’s are doing a pretty good job. you guys are just being critical for the sake of being critical.”- Anon, You know what….you’re right. All 100 of us are completely wrong. We’re sorry Mrs. Greenberg. PS- Duck!

10-10 at the half……I need a quick break but I’ll see you in another thread for the third. Good lord this is bad.

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