Saints coach Sean Payton, Broncos O-coordinator Mike Heimerdinger, and the Rat Fink on the links, as we sit through the halftime report. I’m waiting for the Kobe-LeBron-Tirico interview.

…erm, yeah, that was as boring and anodyne as you can get.

Broncos kick to Darren Sproles, part of it’s coming back due to a hold on the Chargers. LDT rushes for a first down on the first carry of the 2nd half, after Tafoya talks about how both Rivers and Tomlinson won’t be playing the entire second half despite being only up 16 points. Nine more for Tomlinson on the next carry. Michael Turner busts it for the first down.

TK: “You pronounce that name very nicely.”
Jaws: “Manumaleuna?”
TK: “Yes.”
Jaws: “I spend a lot of time around Tirico.”

And Jaws is plugging the Arena Football already….and Tirico goes for the Bon Jovi gag with the Philadelphia Soul…oof, they’re bored already. Antonio Gates hauls in a third down bomb against Dre Bly. Buster Davis hauls in another first down with a 17 yard catch. LDT gets two yards for another 100 yard game.

How the fuck did Vincent Jackson catch that? Rivers rolled out and looked like it was a throwaway, yet Jackson looked like he hauled it in. Shanahan’s going to challenge it.

It’s a catch, and LDT rushes for 5 on first and goal. Michael Turner gets to the one on the next carry, but it’s a hold on the Chargers, so back it up. Rivers to Chambers over the middle, leaps into the end zone — touchdown, Chargers! Kick is up and good, 23-0.

(Pours another screwdriver.) I told you it was going to be a long night.

P.S.- Is that photo from your personal collection S2N? – AA

Hah, no. The magic of Google Image Search….

Selvin Young gets eight yards during a discussion of the weak Bronco O-line. Marshall brings in a Cutler pass at midfield for a first down. I truly believe the lack of Tom Nalen at center to a torn biceps has really screwed over the O-line, badly.

Did anybody else catch Tony saying “I don’t ask many football questions?” Way to confirm your ineffectiveness in the booth, Tony. – MattyCB8

I’d like people who get big-time positions being analysts to at least like their sport. I’m not sure Tony likes football much. Cutler to Marshall for 28 yards with a quick slant and plenty of yards after the catch. Cutler goes for Javon Walker, but Cromartie has position on him in the end zone and it’s incomplete. Other corner of the end zone is incomplete to Marshall, who’s double covered. Cutler to Schieffler — off the hands and INTERCEPTED by Clinton Hart, and brought back out to the 15…mitigated by a personal foul on safety Eric Weddle, who took a late hit on Cutler after the pick. Bolts ball….sigh.

Billy Volek fumbles the snap right off the bat and Denver has it back…thank you, Chargers second-stringers. Travis Henry gets stood up. Cutler incomplete to Marshall, thanks to Quentin Jammer. Cutler to Martinez is incomplete, and here comes kicker and first-time author Jason Elam….his kick is up and good, 23-3, Chargers. Jason Elam, the only positive to the Broncos’ season, and keeps Mike Shanahan from ever being shut out as a coach.

Sproles carries for two yards, and they’re talking about auditioning for Billy Volek, due to the suck that exists at QB in the NFL. Volek to Jackson screen goes nowhere, and he bounces a 3rd and 7 in the dirt.

“If that’s an audition, you hope he gets more chances to sing and dance, because he hasn’t been that good that far. If this were American Idol, they’d say, ‘Thank you, that’s enough.'” – TK
“Boy, and you talk to me about Arena League…” – Jaws
“Hey, it’s a show I watch.” – TK
“You’re still on Simon’s payroll or something.” – Tirico

Cutler to Marshall for a first down, misses Schieffler on the next play, and was lucky he didn’t get picked. Selvin Young gets not much, but Cutler gets a first and more on his own legs. 3rd quarter over, one more to go. One pass in, and Cutler runs again for a bunch with flags on the play. Both plays on the Chargers, will add five yards for defensive holding on the end of that 30+ yard run. Ball at the 11 of SD. Young grabs two more yards. Another pass for five or six, and it’s probably a 3rd down run. Fullback Cecil Sapp won’t have the first — and he’s stuffed again on 4th and 1. Turnover on downs.

Chargers burn clock on a 3 and out. Here comes Scifres to punt. Cutler’s incomplete again, and there’s got to be only so much time before Ramsey comes in. Going for it on 4th, and it’s knocked down by Luis Castillo (‘Roider #2, to Merriman’s Roider #1). We got some nice little jawing going on between Cutler and Rivers. This is the first interesting thing about this game for me, as Rivers started the whole talking ish.

More pissed-off behavior in garbage time. Frankly, no other part of this is really interesting, although I would like to remind Rivers to not talk shit, especially because Tomlinson has carried his ass this season when he’s been mired in suck.

Hm. 2 minute warning. I’m just going to call it 23-3, Chargers, and wish you all a Merry Christmas. See you Sunday for Titans-Colts.

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