The Champs Sports Bowl was coming to an end when Mike Patrick and Todd Blackledge starting chatting about I-Pods and I-Phones (I have no idea why). Well Blackledge decide to ask Patrick if he had Britney Spears on his I-Pod (in reference to Patrick’s questioning of the Pop Star early in the year).

Pretty damn funny and it should have stopped there….but of course Mr. Patrick couldn’t leave it alone…..

“Do you have Britney Spears on your I-Pod too?”- Todd Blackledge
“No….No…..Fortunately……………She may have lent out the Double Wide. To another family member (giggles uncontrollably)”- Mike Patrick

Who brought jokes? Mike Patrick brought jokes! Seriously….it’s a bit old, and Jeff Foxworthy wants his material back.

Mike Patrick Has More Important Things On His Mind (Awful Announcing)

P.S.- I take more pride in that photo than I do the video. Photoshopping a 70s Len Elmore and Mike Patrick getting yelled at by Jamie Lynn while her sister drags her away……that’s talent folks!