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Old Dominion, Hofstra, and Drexel have to play the waiting game, but they are definitely rooting for VCU tonight. VCU is in no matter what, so it’s up to the little engine that could to cause some waves.

7pm- We’re live from the Richmond Coliseum in umm…..Richmond. Your Announcers are Brad Nessler and Jimmy Dykes (not bad).


VCU- B.A. Walker, Maynor, Pellott- Rosa, Fameni, Anderson
GMU- F. Campbell, Smith, Carter, Monrow, Will Thomas

Player to watch: Darryl Monroe #32, he’s a huge body down low for the Patriots, and will have to patrol the boards and try to pick up cheap fouls from VCU’s bigs.

Nessler tells us it’s virtually a home game for VCU, and the place is rockin’. Let’s do this……

Tips up…..Mason ball. Mason will most likely slow this game down to a crawl….we’ll be lucky if this one gets out of the 50s. Monroe picks up a quick two points on a good post move. Jimmy Dykes compares him to Jai Lewis for some reason. VCU is cold missing their first three shots. VCU sets up the press and Mason wastes and early timeout. (Jimmy Dykes is yelling about dancing.)

4-0 Mason 3 minutes gone. Fameni gets VCU on the board, but this game is getting sloppy early. 4-2 at the first TV Break.

VCU’s only basket has come inside the paint…..the rest of their shots…..all missed jumpers. Jimmy Dykes keeps calling VCU “Virginia”….I’m annoyed already. Maynor hits a three for the Rams and the lead is two for the Pats. VCU can tie or take the lead on this next possession.

Tie game as Maynor evens it with two throws. Mason was playing good D at first, but a couple of fouls have slowed them down.

9-9 at the under 12min. timeout.

Mason is in the Zone….didn’t notice if they were in it to start, but they pick up a charge. Nessler has called the wrong team and player in 3 foul calls already. Will Thomas with a nice Offensive rebound and put back…Mason up two.

“It’s tough to get two point baskets against George Mason”- Jimmy Dykes, Umm Jim…..that’s all they have so far. (He then brought up Duke-UNC….as if we’re not sick of that story yet?)

13-13 Under 8 to go.

Has anyone ever watched College Hill on BET??? I had no idea there was a BET Real World…..interesting.

VCU grabs their first lead of the game on a Maynor FT. Smith hits a three and Mason takes the lead right back. Gabe Norwood loses his man on the defensive end and VCU gets an easy put back. Offensive boards everywhere….Monroe gets an easy two. Fameni is 4-4 from the field and goes to the line for an And 1.

19-18 with about 5 minutes to go.

“George Mason trying to take Horse drawn carriage to the dance and be Cinderella. It’s gotta be your horse”- JD, He was practicing this line for the better part of a day, and failed like Joey from Friends did trying out for that Soup Commercial……”MMM, Noodle Soup”

John Vaughn hits a much needed three to tie it…….21-21 at the under 4 timeout.

Carter hits a three and mockingly nods at the Rams.

“He doesn’t mind stroking it on him”- JD, after Carter’s three. Whoa Jimmy….whoa.

Campbell hits a mid-range jumper and Mason is up three again. Fameni hits again….has 11. Thomas goes to the line after another offensive rebound.

“George Mason knows the speed that the carriage must go”- JD, Enough with the Cinderella crap please.

Mason grabs another VCU turnover, and turns it into a six point lead with 28 tics left. Good game so far……low-scoring but fun. They show a famous George Mason graduates graphic, and wouldn’t you know it…….Jai Lewis is on there (As is MLB Catcher Chris Widger).

“His hometown is like mine…..the town square is a circle”- BN, What??? Is that a joke?

“I hope Mason understands that they need to take the last shot with the shot clock off at the end of the half”- JD, I hope you understand that everyone who has ever watched a basketball game knows that Jimmy….come on.

31-27 at the half…..see you in a new thread.

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