I feel like The Smoking Gun posting this, but I’ve “come across” Jim Lampley’s Press Release Apology to his ex-fiancee Candice Sanders.

I wasn’t going to put this up at first, but it’s a completely different tune than the one he was singing at the end of February. “The thing that I am most guilty of is choosing (the) wrong woman,” Lampley said. Oh really?

SAN DIEGO, March 6 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is
being released
today from the Law Office of
Patricia A. Gregory:

On behalf of James Lampley his attorney has authorized
the release of the following apology to Candice Sanders:

It is with considerable regret and deep embarrassment
that I acknowledge having overreacted to a household
dispute with Candice Sanders on New Year's Eve. As a
result of my anger, our dispute has become a matter of
public discussion and speculation and I accept
responsibility for that. To bring closure to this
process, I am offering my full and unconditional
apology to Miss Sanders and her family, as well as to
all my friends, family and professional colleagues who
have been unwarrantedly damaged by the events of that
night. Miss Sanders feels very deeply and sincerely,
as do I, about the rights of women and children. She
will be a powerful symbol on their behalf, and I will
thoroughly support and encourage her organized efforts
in this regard. At the same time, I would encourage
all to look favorably on Candice's efforts and
contribute wholeheartedly to the advancement of
this cause.

An interesting change of tone over the past few weeks. I’m sure this is entirely spin since it was submitted to a PR Firm. The apology must be part of this “tough” sentence from Superior Court Judge Laura Parsky…….

Superior Court Judge Laura Parsky also fined Lampley $674 and ordered him to do 40 hours of volunteer work. Lampley will not face charges for the alleged attack. The district attorney’s office reviewed Sanders’ allegations of domestic violence and found “insufficient evidence to prove it.”

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