Here we go….we’re coming to you live from the ‘Boro. Chad is all smiles and ready to lead the J-E-T-S….blah blah blah to victory. I’m thinking this game will be a lot closer than people think, but the Pats pull it out in the end.

Nancy and Phil Simms are your announcers, so expect a lot of the word “Guys” from Nancy. “Guys, we’re live from New England”

I kid with Nantz….he’s actually one of the few announcers I actually enjoy. And Simms is above average too.

1:10- NE is going no huddle to start the game, and they pick up two early first downs.

I wasn’t aware Jabar Gafney was even on a roster. Tom Brady seriously has zero weapons.

1:15- T-Roy Brown picks up a huge first down, and the Patriots come out on fire.

TD Dillon and the Patriots


1:18- Jets go three and out and it appears that NE is going to blitz every down.

1:25- Smart play by Brady to quick snap and catch the Jets with 12-men on the field. They threw the ball the first drive and now are running every play.

Jabar Gaffney gets another catch on a third down….he appears to have the Pats 7th first down but inexplicably runs back behind the line. Pats punt.

1:32- Jets finally get a first down with a screen.

Pennington gets hit and gets up gimpy. Simms and Nancy Boy aren’t going to give me anything to go with today.

Patrick Ramsey comes in for one play and the Jets pass for some reason. Dumb play.

These coaches are just acting weird now. It’s fourth and three and Mangini sends out Brad Smith at QB and lines his punter up at receiver forcing BB to call a timeout.

This Diet Pepsi commercial is baaaaaad.

One More Dying Quail said… AA, I should thank you: the only time my wife lets me watch sports anymore is when I have to live blog a game.On the down side, I wasn’t smart enough to think of telling her that I’m doing the Pats game.

Ha….well now you know…….and Knowing is half the battle.

Throwing 3INTs in a playoff game…..Priceless.

1:42- Nice….a little 311 coming back from the break. Come Original CBS.

FUMBLE! Dillon……JETS ball.

Why don’t more people use that slo mo cam that CBS has? The close-ups are pretty sweet.

1:45- The Jets have to have the most boring offense of all time. You can pretty much bank on an incomplete pass on third and long.

The Nuuuuuuuuge with a FG.


And this SuperBowl…Rogers Nelson is your halftime entertainment”- JN
“Umm, and who is that?”- PS
“You’d better know him as Prince.”- JN
Okay sometimes Jim can be a tad bit annoying.

“Tom Brady is throwing lasers”- PS, you aren’t kidding Phil.

According to Nancy….Tom Brady has a body mechanics coach. The rest of us call him a boyfriend.

1:50- Wow…..Brady is almost picked off twice on that series. Diving attempt by Rhodes goes for naught. Jets are getting their act together now.

7-3 New England after one. See you in a new thread.

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