So here’s are all of the scenarios I could pull out of the brackets. As I was scrolling through all of the brackets there were some very interesting Final Fours.

My two personal favs were Sooze from BLB having BC in the Final Four, and Laurie from Tulsa’s Final of UNLV/Memphis. I would actually have paid to see that final. Here is your end game as I see it….I’ve probably made a ton of mistakes, so don’t be surprised if there are errors.

Who? Mike Jones!- UCLA/OSU- OSU (106 points)
Sports Dad– FLA/GT- FLA (105)
Angry Pirate- FLA/OSU- OSU (103)
Bill Pullman University– FLA/GT- GT (98)
Draft King– FLA/GT- GT (98)
Tampa Apes- UCLA/GT- UCLA (97)
Amaechi’s All-Stars- UCLA/GT- GT (88)
289– UCLA/OSU- UCLA (85)

As far as the prizes….I’ve decided against the results of the poll (thanks for voting though). What if the winner hates UNC….is he really going to want a Natrone Means Jersey? So it’s winners choice here at AA. You can choose from any of the four jerseys, and all can pick an AA shirt if they want. Winner also gets a free post. Huzzah!

On a personal note….if Ohio State wins the Final Four game the Awful GF will not finish in last place. She would be ecstatic, so please root for her. (FYI- Also, if OSU wins your new Sports Writing Correspondent will finish in last. We’d all have a place to make fun of him every week in his post.)

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