So last night was crazy….we established that. But if you’ve watched any football over the past 15 years you could have seen it coming. It’s tough to be a Cardinals fan….especially when the only things you’ve really had to celebrate is knocking the Vikings out of the playoffs in 2003, and one playoff win in 1998. Just a tough life if you’re Cards Fan……onto the announcing.

We got a ton of comments after the post last night and I wanted to share a couple in this space because all are spot on…..

Karl said… I know it’s been said many times and many ways, but it’s hard to listen to Theismann, Berman, Irvin…who else to add to this list? i.e. Berman’s use of lyrics “mama said there would be days like these” in postgame coverage (he thinks he is the focus), Theismann’s double talk (i don’t like the play calling, i like the play calling that only depends on if the play worked or not)

Karl’s right Berman is the equivalent of the really smart girl in your 5th grade class. You’ve been doing multiplication for 3 years now and you get it. But while the rest of the class figured out that they can doodle or pass notes this annoyance is raising her hand every five frickin’ seconds. Look at me! Look at me! Yea you’ll be home schooled in high school…..good luck in college.

As far as Theeeeesman….well, that’s just Joe being Joe.

Point 23 said…Was I the only one who couldn’t believe Theisman *repeatedly* praising the Arizona offensive line? What the hell was he looking at? Any idea?

Edgerrin James got hit 14 times for either no gain or a loss and a handful of 1 and 2 yard runs. If you throw out his 12 yard run – which was all him; his blockers did nothing while he shed about 14 tackles – he averaged 1.2 yard per carry.

Good Lord, Thiesmann, how do you not see this? When the AZ right guard completely blew his assignment and let Leinart get destroyed for Chicago’s first TD, he barely batted an eye. They were mildly better in pass protection, but I would be stunned if Leinart took more seven step drops than three or five step drops – there just wasn’t any time.

That o-line got totally owned and Theisman sang their praises all night. And I don’t know what was worse: Theisman blindly rambling on about a complete inaccuracy or neither Kornheiser or Tirico calling him on it.

Another great great point. And do you know the reason for this? He was a QB not a Running Back. In his eyes, when the O-Line gives up a sack, it’s their fault (see Lawrence Taylor)…..when the RB gets tackled in the backfield….it’s the RBs fault (he didn’t hit the whole hard enough). But the fact that he didn’t even mention Mark Anderson coming through the line untouched is the reason people can’t stand him.

From Josh at acruRadio: TIRICO (to Gnarles Barkley): This is a big deal. This stadium, this franchise. You’re out here a bunch, obviously; YOU STARTED WITH THE SUNS.

Okay…..we all make mistakes (except for me). But how does he F something up every week?!?! The Philly thing saying Ben Franklin was on the top of City Hall is one thing. That’s a city’s history. But how do you not know that Charles Barkley started with the 76ers? That’s inexcusable in my book.

And Finally……

Mike Patrick Sucks said…I’ve never seen an announcing team focus so much on a single player as they did on Matt Leinart late in that game..

Tony K was openly rooting for Leinart, and trying to convince everyone watching that we should be too, as if it would be some wonderful feel good story..

Fucking Leinart went 37-2 at USC, won 2 national titles, a Heisman, can plow any chick he wants.. WHY THE HELL SHOULD I BE ROOTING FOR HIM!

Not only was it late in the game it was the entire thing. He was Mic’d up….he introduced the Offense, and Michele Tafoya had a 40 minute piece on him in the opening. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone get that fellated as a rookie (let alone their first nationally televised game)….not Mike Vick, not Michael Jordan…..maybe Lebron……but come on.

A few other notes & questions: Charles Barkley was better than every person in that booth last night. The highlight of the camera work was showing the crowd before the game and a 15 year old kid flicking off the Bears as they came on the field. Joe T doing multiple highlights is worse than Terry Bradshaw doing multiple highlights. Arizona fans are ugly (sorry…it’s true). If you think Mike Tirico saying “Monday Night is Neil Rackers and his Wife’s Date night” before his kick didn’t jinx him….then you are not a man. And finally, how is Jay-Z having a “Comeback” when he has been touring in Europe the whole time?

Crazy, fun, and devastating game. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bears went undefeated now. Back later with yet another view on Tony Kornheiser alone….I know you can’t wait. See you then.