I really think I have only one word for this……Pointless. Seems to be a running theme lately, but this takes the cake.

Highlights: Well about none really.

Lowlights: Basically everything. They talked about USA Basketball, which we’ve heard a thousand times. Simmons was ultra nervous, which I don’t necessarily blame him for, but get it together a bit. My favorite part is him getting booed when he said “Bill Clinton probably throws like a girl.” Seriously Bill, what’s with all the female bashing stuff. Being a chauvinist isn’t really a cool thing to be these days. Plus it’s pretty hard to look macho when your standing next to a guy in an Armani exchange shirt. Sorry that picture was just too funny.

I don’t even have a grade for this thing because it was so pointless I can’t even remember what was said…..and I watched it twice. I’ll be back later with some links, and hopefully a video from this last night. But if you care about your precious time on this earth…..don’t even watch it after I post it.

(Also, I forgot to mention that I’m adding my first Sports Center luminary to the Hall of Shame later today. Don’t miss it. Hint: Starts with Boo…..ends with Yah!)

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