So I was watching NBA Week on Wheel of Fortune, and the funniest reaction of the night was when Pat Sajak called Baron Davis….Ben Davis. Come on Baron, don’t get upset, you have to know it’s easy to confuse an African American Point Guard with a former Causcasian Catcher in the MLB.

Another (low)highlight from the night was a new edition of America’s Funniest Home Videos- Sports Edition. Your Host…..none other than Stu Scott. Now I promised that he would be on here sooner or later, but last night was just too easy to spend a whole post on him. Plus there was someone much more Awful last night. Here are Stu’s Highlights from the show:

  • “I do like funny videos but I like Playoff seats more….I won’t quit my day job”
  • When going to commercial he would fist pound everyone in the audience.
  • “Bigups we salute you….Wink….cheerleaders”
  • “I give that cheerleader her proppers she just bounced right back up”
  • Played a game with someone in the audience Head, Gut, or Groin…..
  • “Look who put the bad in badmitton”
  • Called Track and Field Clips- The Dorkathalon

And Finally, the Heat crushed the Mavs in Game 4….just a few notes:

  • Without fail, in the first quarter, Jason Williams will blow by Jason Terry and either get and easy layup or a foul….maybe they should try this more when Shaq is getting tripled.
  • Okay the weird guy with the flags and the Oakley shades that spins around before the intros has officially scared the crap out of me.
  • The Video for the Heat Intros is hilarious “Within the heart of one team live the souls of Warriors.”

Back later with more……