So Paris Hilton will be on Monday Night Football this……well umm…..Monday. Not sure if she’s just picking up the helmet or she’ll be in the booth (I’m praying she will be in the booth), but prepare yourselves. Oh and anyone in or near Minnesota (ahem Pacifist Viking) please take the precautionary measures to protect from an Outbreak of VD.

And Announcer Races??????

More on ESPN from the USA Today….

Whether it’s hyping Dancing— which drew about 5.million more viewers than the World Series game it ran opposite Tuesday — or having Disney-employed celebs drop by the booth, they aren’t catering to the just-give-me-the-game crowd. Those people will watch anyway: ESPN’s game Monday, as a sports-themed TV show accessible to lots of people who’ve never heard of Billy Kilmer, drew the most households in cable TV history.

I guess he does bring up a good point that we’d be watching it anyways, but that won’t stop me from trashing it.

Monday Night Games are About One Thing (USA Today)

The Apocalypse Has Come (The Big Lead)

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